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Your bathroom is one of the wettest areas in your home, creating unique problems for your tile and grout. From stains and residue to mold and mildew growth, to water penetration and warped flooring, bathroom grout requires some special attention.

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When to Regrout Your Shower Tiles

Tile grout gets dirty, and it’s quite prone to mildew growth. Grout is a highly porous material, and its uneven surface compounds the problem by providing tiny nooks and crannies for dirt to get trapped. Homemade cleaning solutions and commercially available grout cleaners can help to some extent, but eventually, they may fail to completely remove unsightly staining and discoloration. At this point, you may want to consider hiring a NJ shower grout repair company to replace the grout entirely. This is quite a bit less costly than replacing the tile itself, and you can keep the existing tile as long as it’s still in good condition. wall

You should regrout if the shower wall tiles are loose, or if mold or mildew is clearly visible. Believe it or not, hiring a contractor that offers grout repair in NJ can actually save you money, as opposed to trying to do it yourself. Regrouting shower tile requires specialized tools, which even experienced DIYers may not have on hand. Plus, the process is very time consuming. Between painstakingly removing the original grout, and properly mixing and applying a replacement, it takes hours to regrout a shower.

Regrouting your shower tiles can have several benefits, beyond just aesthetics:

  • Cost savings. Regrouting instead of replacing the tile itself saves quite a bit of money.
  • Preventing leakage and water damage. Regrouting helps preserve the tile by improving the seal, keeping water from seeping down underneath the tiles and damaging the flooring substrate.
  • Increased value. Attractive, uniform, freshly grouted tiled showers can add value to your home. If you’re thinking of selling in the near future, regrouting your shower can be worthwhile.

Shower Grout Repair NJ

Ceramic tile on your shower walls requires grout and caulk to keep out water. If the grout is cracked, water can intrude behind it, wetting the drywall. Wet drywall is bad news, and can turn into a soggy mess that allows mildew and mold to grow. Regrouting can help protect the drywall. The same goes for flooring substrate beneath the shower floor.

First, we remove the original grout with a specialized grout saw with a carbide edge. This needs to be done slowly and carefully, so that the edges of the tile don’t get chipped accidentally. Sanded grout sometimes requires an additional blade. This produces a large quantity of dust, which we remove with a Shop-Vac. 

Then, we mix the new grout. The specific mixing requirements depend on the type of grout, and may need to be adjusted to better accommodate the size of your grout lines or the material that you tile is made from. Epoxy grouts, in particular, can vary substantially between brands.

When applying the new grout, we generally start at the bottom of the shower wall. The lines need to be flush with the top of the tile, with excess grout removed to maintain a smooth profile. As it’s setting, it needs to be wiped periodically to avoid discolored grout haze.

Grout is finished with a sealant, which provides extra moisture protection. It also helps protect the grout from staining and discoloration. Epoxy grout doesn’t always require a sealer, especially with nonporous glass tiles, as it essentially self-seals while it dries.

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