Apartment Kitchen Renovation – Bergen County, NJ

An apartment kitchen renovation is one of the most important home improvement jobs that can be done in a home. It is not only the place where you may love to spend your time, but it is also the center of the home. A beautiful modern apartment kitchen renovation will also increase the price value. The secret in apartment kitchen renovation is in the design and planning. Whether you hire an apartment kitchen designer or you do it on your own, you must take the time to look around and seek plenty of apartment kitchen renovations online. Choose a few that you may like and then put together the costs for this once in a lifetime project. Apartment Kitchen Renovation Style & Cost After you know what apartment kitchen style you prefer (this could take a while,

Attic Fan Replacement – Bergen County, NJ

A client contacted us the other day complaining about the high temperature in his finished attic. Although the attic was beautifully finished and the a/c system was running well and did not need any repair, the attic temperature was above 80 degrees. The broken HVAC system could not reduce the temperature to a normal room temperature. The first thing that we checked was the temperature of the ceiling because heat rises. The ceiling temperature was higher than normal, so we went on to check the attic. As you can see in the following photos, there is an attic fan that is located on one side of the house. This fan is supposed to blow the air through the attic and release the hot air outwards. In this particular case, the thermostat was removed from the attic ceiling

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash – Bergen County, NJ

If you are looking to refresh or renew a kitchen tile backsplash, it might be a good idea to start choosing the kind of surface you wish to use and whether you just want to change the backsplash and/or replace the counter top as well. Replacing a ceramic tiled counter top is a fairly easy job for a professional tile installer and should not take longer than a day or two.   There are two options for replacing your kitchen backsplash: Removing your existing coutertop and placing a new countertop (granite, ceasar, stone, wood, or another kind). Then install the backsplash.  Leave the existing counter top and just replace the ceramic tiled backsplash. This is an easier job. You may also need to replace the drywall/sheet rock behind in order to get a new and

Hardwood Floors Refinishing – Bergen County, NJ

If your hardwood floors need to be refinished or repainted, there is a good chance that we can do it for you at a low cost while keeping your hardwood floors in good condition for many years to come. Hardwood floors refinishing is not a do-it-yourself job. This requires the know-how of sanding floors, uses specific finishing and coating techniques, plus a lot of experience. The first step is to evaluate the condition of the floor and then decide if your floor needs to be repaired or if some of the floor parts need to be replaced. For instance, if you have water marks on the floor, you may have black spots which will prevent equal finishing and thus, will result in a poor finishing. We highly advise you not to re-coat these watermarked spots, but rather replace the

Waterproofing Basement Service Company – Bergen County

If your basement requires any waterproofing, we are an experienced company  willing to handle your issues concerning your basement's internal or external walls. Basement water leakage, moisture, and smell is aggravating, especially if you use your basement as a living area. Avoid water leaking by installing French Drain before finishing your basement. We are currently in the process of completing waterproofing within a basement's internal walls that had constant water leakage. The basement area was impossible to use as the smell and the water would not allow for comfortable living quarters and heavy rains only complicated the issue. This particular existing basement came not only with the sheet rock on the walls, but also with the wood panels installed over the

Chimney Repair in Fair Lawn NJ

A chimney is a home feature that may go unnoticed until it needs to be repaired or until an animal falls into the chimney.  If you need to repair your chimney its probably because you have not paid attention to it in the last decade or so.  Chimney repairs are rare as there is not much to maintain unless the concrete gets loose or the cover is broken or missing which may expose your chimney to the elements which will cause deterioration, an animal can fall into your chimney and blog your chimney and heating systems (if you hear animal noises or if you smell a weird smell that may be the time to call animal control (from our experience in Fair Lawn, Nj they charge about $170 to remove the animal). Chimney clean up is required once in a while, its better to check the

Water Leak in the Garage Ceiling Caused by the Jacuzzi Pipe in the Bathroom Upstairs

One of the most unpleasant and dangerous things in a home are water leaking from a pipe.  It starts with a ticking noise and if you catch it in time you can save a lot of headache, damage, money and time as most of the time by doing a quick repair you can prevent a lot of damage to your ceiling, dry walls, sheet rock, floors, electrical and your home goods. The following are some images that are from an emergency water leak call which happened in the middle of the night and the owner was with enough past experience to know how water can damage a home. You can see that a leaking plumbing pipe that is only four years old was improperly installed and caused the leak because of a loose connection between the T pipe and the plumbing pipe. A simple leak like that caused

Adding a Sewer Pump in a Basement for a New Bathroom

If you need to add a basement sewer pump it is usually because your sewer line level at home is below rather than above the main sewer line from the street, that means that the water cannot fall into the sewer line from above as it would naturally so you need a pump to push the water from the low point to the sewer line in the street.  That requires the contractor to install a sewer pump in the ground to collect the water from the bathroom, shower or kitchen etc.. to a tank and the pump then will push out the water into the main sewer line. Putting a sewer pump tank in the ground requires a permit and usually requires a lot of technical experience and knowledge of the local plumbing code in order to satisfy the town inspector.  You have to take careful measurements

Adding New Bathroom in Basement in Fair Lawn NJ

Adding or remodeling a bathroom in your basement will probably convert your basement to another living area, we see people using it as an additional space for a relative (especially with the high cost of living today many people are living with relatives and family ) and some people even rent it (the question of whether that's legal or not aside).  Most of the time when you are adding a new bathroom in the basement you are required to apply for a permit.  If you an architect and a ready to go drawing that makes it an easy start as everything is on paper and ready to go to perform the work.  If you do not want to pay for an architect we can help you to be creative with our new bathroom designs video and put different items in like a shower, vanity, toilet bowl or

Basement Cleanup in Fair Lawn After Flood

Cleaning your basement up after a flood is a very unpleasant situation. We've cleaned up a lot of basements after flooding that had a lot of damage, not just to plumbing, electrical and walls, but also to personal and emotional items that were destroyed by the water. The first step is to disconnect gas and electricity, report to your insurance company as they need to get involved, and start to take the water out, although you need to be careful not to take the flood water out of the basement if there is still water on the street that may put pressure on the walls and as a result the basement walls might collapse, which would damage the foundation of your home. If your basement is flooded and you need to clean up your flooded basement the following things