Drain Pipe Repair and Sewer Clogs by Unusual People

The following pictures represent a situation that words can hardly describe. Just to make sure you understand the issue, we received a call from a client that complained that the sewer for the whole apartment building was clogged on one side. All of the neighbors on that same side could not use the sewer system. After arriving at the first floor unit, we noticed that two plumbers were already there and could not complete the sewer cleaning service. We decided to accept the challenge to discover what happened. The standard sewer cleaning tools did not help and we needed to ask for permission to open the floor to review the piping system. Our snake could not go any further because something of large size was stuck within the pipes. We found the main sewer pipe within

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Our 20 years of sewer and drain cleaning services in NJ can help you unclog any sewer and drain clog or backup problems and we might even help you save money as we use techniques and advanced equipment that unclogs a sewer or drain easily and in a short time. That's important, especially if there is a sewer and drain that is clogged by items that have fallen or where thrown into your sewer pipe or in the case of roots or broken sewers, we are confident that we can help you quickly and at a very affordable cost. We are a professional drain & sewer cleaning service company servicing New Jersey (NJ) and providing you with fast, full service drain/ sewer cleaning with a 3 month guarantee for every drain/ sewer cleaning  repair service.  We serve Bergen county NJ,

Sewer Cleaning Services or Drain Cleaning Services Company in NJ

 Having a good sewer repair service in NJ company contractors to serve your sewer and drain is one of the most important things to have on the side, ready to go, just in case ...  and this just in case usually happens at the worst time when you need your sewer line cleaned the most, like when guests are coming, holiday evenings, weekends and all of a sudden the sewer is clogged, the drain pipes are flooded with water in the kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, and you are powerless to do anything and now go and find an emergency 24/7 sewer cleaning or drain cleaning company that will pick up the phone and come right away. Consider that with a simple sewer cleaning or sewer clog you can get away sometimes as long as the smelly things in the pipes stay within the pipe, but