If you are the average customer these days then you probably know that most companies, especially the bigger ones, motivate their salesman and employees to sell you more of what will let them gain the most in terms of dollars/customer value equaling a higher income. With all of the computers and CRM systems for each company location and salesman bringing to the boss MORE SALES, the system is designed to squeeze the maximum possible income from each client. That means that doctors want to sell you more of their higher profit services or products. Same with suppliers or insurance agents that sometimes might recommend to you a company based on the size of the commission they will receive. In the home improvement industry if you have a roofing problem and

Emergency Roof Repair

Give Our Roofing Expert a Call Now at 201-458-0455. Emergencies can happen at the worst times and when you are least prepared. Not to worry - ALL DONE Roofing repair professionals are here to help repair , your roof at affordable cost so you can sleep comfortably at night. We are available 24/7 around the clock, during after work and after hours and provide quality service for all of your Emergency Roof Repair needs. Some damages to your roof are apparent, such as a leak in the ceiling that calls for emergency roof repair. We are available 24/7 for any of your emergency roofing needs and provide quick and affordable service. call Our Roofing Expert Now at 201-458-0455.


Any Roof Repairs  Roof Leaking Repairs  Or Missing Shingle Repairs Our Roofing Repair Locations Services: Our roofing repair service company serves Bergen County and Passaic County, NJ We are serving home commercial Buildings. Leaking Roof RepairCall us today for a free estimate: 201-458-0455 Missing Shingles Replacement Leaking Roof Repairs Experienced Roofing Contractors Fully insured. Licensed and bonded. No subcontracted roofing crews.

Roof repair – Quick fix Can Save You A Lot of Money

Any simple roof repair service should start with a detailed inspection. In many occasions, a leaking roof is not where the damage is, but rather the water travels into lower spots and results in the leak you see through your ceiling. Experienced roofer that has the “eye” to recognize cracks, holes, and gaps within the surface and under the roof surface can fix it right away. Sometimes to find the leaking roof spot takes more time to fix the roof itself. Repairing your roof might be simple if it is only one spot or if tiles within a certain area need to be changed. We try to save you money by just replacing the damaged roofing area instead. We avoid complete replacement if it is unnecessary. Unless your roof is over 20 years old, usually a local roof repair will do

Should You Have Your Roof Cleaned?

Properly maintaining the roof is essential for every home. Depending on the weather in your area, a typical roof can be exposed to a lot of potential damage from rain, snow, hail, sun, animals, mold, algae and even wild plants.  All of these things can damage your roofing materials causing severe wear and tear, wearing down the roofing tiles and causing small holes or tears in the roofing shingles which may let water leak into the house resulting in expensive roof repair.  They may also cause your roof to look damaged, worn out and in need of roof repair, lessening the beauty of your home. We recommend having a roofing contractor inspect your roof at least annually to check for potential damage to your roof.  This way small problems can be fixed right away before

Repairing a Leaking Skylight

If your skylight is leaking in your home or commercial roof there are mainly two reasons and diagnostics to decide if the skylight can be repaired or needs to be replaced. A standard skylight has two weak connections that might cause leaking; one is the connection between the surface and the roof and the second is between the skylight glass and the housing, which usually is sealed by the manufacturer. In most cases, a skylight leaks because of the connection between the base and the surface of the roof can be solved by fixing the roof tiles around it and re-sealing the skylight. The technique of overlapping the roof tiles must be completed effectively in order to avoid any leaking from the skylight to the room. A silicone or any tar or liquid will not help to solve a

Roofing Repair Costs in NJ

Some people want a strait forward answer to how much their roof repair or new roof installation will cost.  Repairing or installing  a new roof depends on many different things like the location of your home, the size of your roof, the condition of your roof, the roof materials, including the one's that you will choose, some come with a 20 year warranty and some with a 50 year warranty and the price is different.  It also depends on how many roof layers you have.  In New Jersey for example you are allowed to have up to two layers, so you can install a new roof layer on an old one but you cannot install a new layer on a second layer.  So this means that you need to remove all the layers of the roof until you get to the plywood and then reinstall a new roof.  If you

Roof Repair is A Low Cost if You Maintain it in Time

  Roof repair can be very affordable and in some case at a low cost if you find and repair the cause of the problem early enough that you don't need to fix the entire damaged roof or install a new roof. In most cases roof damage is caused by a minor problem like issues with the roof gutters, a damaged fascia, soffit or an external part like a tree or nail that fell on the roof and with the heat of the sun caused a whole or cracked the roofing tiles.  In all these conditions roof repair can be sometimes round $100 if you fix it immediately but later on it might cost you thousands of dollars and not including internal damage to ceilings, walls, drywall, floors and electrical devices like light fixtures that might need to be replaced during roof repair when there

Roofing Repair & Inspection in Bergen County New Jersey

We are currently offering for a limited time visual roofing inspections for senior citizens in Bergen County NJ.  The promotion will include visual inspections of roofing conditions, gutters and chimney for only $45 for the first 50 clients and only until July 1, 2013.  If roof repair is necessary a separate quote will be provided with a discount of 15%. If you are located in Bergen County and you are looking for a roofing company to complete any roofing repair services or you are looking for a roofing quote for a new roof we would be happy to serve you at an affordable price with any roofing products for your home, for a tiles roof, flat roof or rubber roof or a commercial or industrial roof.

Roofing Repair Service Company NJ

We Provide 2 Years Roof Repair Warranty All Roof Repair Services in NJ By a Professional Roofing Repair Contractor   We will inform you honestly on the condition of your roof and advise you on the most cost effective roofing repair options. We'll provide you with professional affordable roofing repair services in a timely manner. We provide you quality roofing repair service so you will have peace of mind, that's why we provide you with a 2 Year roofing repair warranty. We offer emergency roof repairs, we repair Home & Commercial roofs and have provided roofing repairs in NJ for over 10 years! Best Roofing Repair Services by Local Roofing Contractor in Bergen County: Your roofing repair will be handled professionally without cutting corners in