Our Emergency Flood Service

We have over 20+ years of servicing our clients with all emergency water flooding needs. Flooding can easily leave lasting water damages without prompt cleaning and extracting service that ensures that all areas are thoroughly dried. We provide quality service and work around the clock so that any flooding emergencies are quickly resolved. We help all residential and commercial properties so that flooding can be contained, cleaned, and the affected area can be restored to be just like new. For a job well done, quick response and service, and at a price you can afford, call our flood service professionals at 201.458.0455. We strive to only provide the best service and get your flooded property back to normal.

Water Heater

Looking for water heater repair service in NJ? Call us today at All Done Company for 24 hour emergency water heater repairs, water heater installation, and more in New Jersey, at 201-458-0455. At All Done Company, we've served our local community in New Jersey for decades with great service, quality workmanship, and competitive, affordable water heater pricing. Our emphasis is on satisfaction for all our valued customers, with personalized service from some of the area's most experienced HVAC and water heater service contractors. We provide a complete selection of local New Jersey water heater services for homes and businesses, including: Gas Water Heater Repair Electric Water Heater Repair Tankless Water Heater Repair Water Heater Installation

Sump Pump Repair and Replacement

[wp_cycle] If you think that your sump pump needs to be repaired or replaced, you should check a few things before calling a plumber. With these steps, you may save yourself the time and money of replacing or repairing your sump pump. You also need to ensure your sump pump is functioning so as to avoid any flooding in the basement. A few simple things can prevent your sump pump from not working.   Before you replace or repair your sump pump, check the following things: Make sure the outlet that the sump pump electric cord is connected to has power. No power will result in to a dysfunctional sump pump. If you have an electric tester, use this. Or just take a night light and plug it in to your outlet or radio and see if the light is on. Sump pumps come

Backflow Preventer Testing Services in NJ

FREE On-Site Backflow Prevention Analysis We currently offer FREE backflow analysis for new clients: that means that we will come to your facility at no charge, we will inspect the building and tell you how many backflows are needed and what needs to be done at no obligation to you.  We promise you our cost will be reasonable and the test can be done at the same time. We are Simplifying All Backflow Prevention Testing!  If you recently received a NJ or NY backflow letter from the town or DEP requiring you to comply with the backflow testing law and you need to implement backflow testing we would be happy to do it for you.  Our fee is reasonable and includes all of the paperwork that is needed to comply with backflow testing and to be submitted to the town.  Please

Water Leak in the Garage Ceiling Caused by the Jacuzzi Pipe in the Bathroom Upstairs

One of the most unpleasant and dangerous things in a home are water leaking from a pipe.  It starts with a ticking noise and if you catch it in time you can save a lot of headache, damage, money and time as most of the time by doing a quick repair you can prevent a lot of damage to your ceiling, dry walls, sheet rock, floors, electrical and your home goods. The following are some images that are from an emergency water leak call which happened in the middle of the night and the owner was with enough past experience to know how water can damage a home. You can see that a leaking plumbing pipe that is only four years old was improperly installed and caused the leak because of a loose connection between the T pipe and the plumbing pipe. A simple leak like that caused

Adding a Sewer Pump in a Basement for a New Bathroom

If you need to add a basement sewer pump it is usually because your sewer line level at home is below rather than above the main sewer line from the street, that means that the water cannot fall into the sewer line from above as it would naturally so you need a pump to push the water from the low point to the sewer line in the street.  That requires the contractor to install a sewer pump in the ground to collect the water from the bathroom, shower or kitchen etc.. to a tank and the pump then will push out the water into the main sewer line. Putting a sewer pump tank in the ground requires a permit and usually requires a lot of technical experience and knowledge of the local plumbing code in order to satisfy the town inspector.  You have to take careful measurements