Remodeling and Renovations: Is a Building Permit Necessary?

A building permit is typically required when there are structural alterations to your property. Roof Repair and Gutter Maintenance Steps Roof repair and gutter maintenance are crucial components of your home's condition. Gutters ensure that water running off of your roof flows away from your home. Hence, it is important that you keep an eye for any problem areas with your roof or gutters. Gutters can easily become clogged with leaves or debris, rust, or even separate from their adjacent pieces. To avoid major expenses, clean your gutters seasonally and inspect that there are no holes. If your gutters are dislodged at any point, reconnect the pieces. Your roof will also weather down with time and requires maintenance. Any holes or cracks in the roof can lead

How to Start Remodeling My Kitchen?

Remodeling kitchen remodeling? If you are looking to complete a new kitchen remodeling to improve functionality, the beauty of your kitchen, maximize space, and increase the value of your home, remember to have these few things in mind: Plan your budget. There are many materials and kitchen designs you can consider, but finding a point where what you want is what you can afford takes research and planning. Design. Visit showrooms to get a better feel of what you want and also take a look at our kitchen remodeling page for more information. Permits. Once you have your final floor plans and design layouts in place, you will need to seek final permits. Ensure to allow time for this process. Experienced Kitchen Remodeling Contractor. Feel free to call us

Kitchen Floor Tile Repair in Teaneck NJ

tile repair

Tile floor contractor that she used prior had been there recently, yet the tiles were moving and cracking now. Upon visiting her home, we saw that there were gaps and cracks with some tiles. The tiles when purchased were in very good conditions. We next checked the floor at the basement level. The first thing I saw was that the heating steam pipes were running under the floor and across the kitchen. This produced heat up to the ceiling, and hitting the kitchen floor. There was no insulation between the heating pipes. This caused the floor to expand, as the heat went up, and to contract when the heat was off. The cement glue on the top loosened and cracked. As a result, the tiles broke.  Before removing the tiles, we first handled the


I hear, here and there, that some home improvement suppliers, such as Home Depot, try to sell you their merchandise by "making everything easier for you". The idea is that you can do everything on your own by not hiring a contractor or any home improvement company. For many of the smaller jobs, this could be true. Painting walls, replacing door knobs, or installing shelves are all projects you can most likely complete yourself. However, when it reaches a level where specialized tools may be required, or other dangerous tools such as saws, we suggest you leave it to the professionals, unless you already have some experience. It might not only be dangerous using a tool without any prior experience, but also you will not get the work done as fast or as nice as a


For many years as home improvement contractor, I have had the chance to work with new home owners that bought their first dream home. I was hired as a contractor to renovate, build, install, and modify different parts of their home. As you know, the occasion of buying a home is a very special and happy one if you have found something you really love. There is excitement in the air as soon as you move to your beautifully renovated home. During these years, I have watched new homeowners get into a new home with a lot of financial commitments and 30 year mortgages. I saw over and over that these new homeowners were buried with the amount of expenses and repairs of their dream home. Your house might have bought you if you have unexpected expensive items that need repair


If you are the average customer these days then you probably know that most companies, especially the bigger ones, motivate their salesman and employees to sell you more of what will let them gain the most in terms of dollars/customer value equaling a higher income. With all of the computers and CRM systems for each company location and salesman bringing to the boss MORE SALES, the system is designed to squeeze the maximum possible income from each client. That means that doctors want to sell you more of their higher profit services or products. Same with suppliers or insurance agents that sometimes might recommend to you a company based on the size of the commission they will receive. In the home improvement industry if you have a roofing problem and


If at any point in your lifetime you happen to call a contractor in the middle of the night, or even after midnight, you were probably praying that a good contractor would come over to solve the problem. Sometimes the cost doesn't even matter. There are certain problems that you cannot avoid and you must fix them right away. Sometimes even every minute counts in order to prevent further damage. I am referring to problems such as roof leaks to either your bedroom or living room, sewer back-ups requiring immediate clean-ups in the basement to avoid flooding, debris, and smell, constant water pressure leaks, or water damage done to walls, floors, ceiling, carpets, books, and electrical items, etc. Electrical problems can also result and/or a broken air conditioning


I am kind of old school.  When I look at the creative ideas that some contractors in the industry use I am very surprised by the creative ways in which they engage clients into what they call the "sales funnel" and then do the nailing that they call closing.  Well back in the day we didn't have as much technology as we do today and everyone knew who the best contractor of the town was and every contractor had at least one.  In today's world where everyone is trying to be all over it is hard to tell and determine who is what and how much it will be and what you will end up with. I had a chance to hear stories from clients that I was called as a second contractor when they already got abandoned by another contractor.  Those types of stories you can only get from the

Upfront Pricing is Where Most Contractors Fail in Home Repair Services

Working with clients over the last few decades has given us the insight of our advantages against the competitors in the home improvement and repair services.  One of the most common things we hear from clients when they hired someone else first is that the sump pump repair started at $200 but the contractor ended up charging us $400 and that is of course a minor repair compared to a bathroom renovation that if the price changes later on by 25% the client might have an increase of a couple of thousands of dollars over the initial quote that he received.  Most people, including us, feel that this is not right. Contractors protect themselves in an estimate or any quote that they give you that the price might change but the feelings and bitter taste stay if the quote