How to Start Remodeling My Kitchen?

Remodeling kitchen remodeling? If you are looking to complete a new kitchen remodeling to improve functionality, the beauty of your kitchen, maximize space, and increase the value of your home, remember to have these few things in mind: Plan your budget. There are many materials and kitchen designs you can consider, but finding a point where what you want is what you can afford takes research and planning. Design. Visit showrooms to get a better feel of what you want and also take a look at our kitchen remodeling page for more information. Permits. Once you have your final floor plans and design layouts in place, you will need to seek final permits. Ensure to allow time for this process. Experienced Kitchen Remodeling Contractor. Feel free to call us

Sustainable Kitchen Design Ideas – NJ & NYC


Free price/cost for kitchen renovations in NJ Unless you live on nothing but snack food and takeout, the kitchen is one of the most important parts of any modern home. For many homeowners, sustainability is becoming a major factor for kitchen design in New Jersey and NYC. When planning for kitchen renovations, it’s becoming more and more common to design a kitchen in ways that feature sustainable materials and renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint. Home energy usage makes up about 19% of an average American family’s total environmental impact, and a great deal of this energy is used in the kitchen. At All 1 Kitchen, we can work with you to create sustainable kitchen designs that incorporate low-flow plumbing, efficient appliances, and eco-friendly

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovation in NJ


When you’re planning a kitchen renovation in NJ, you may be considering kitchen cabinet replacement. Cabinets are a major focal point of any kitchen, and replacing or even refinishing your cabinets can make a big aesthetic difference in your overall design. Kitchen cabinet installation can consume up to a third of your budget, but it’s always worthwhile to pay more for quality. At All Done Kitchen, our contractors are experts at installing kitchen cabinets of all types, from simple Ikea cabinets to high-end custom cabinetry. Finding your Perfect Cabinets: Tips from Local Contractors Looking for great new kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen renovation? Here are some helpful tips from our experienced kitchen designers at All Done: Figure out your

Kitchen Floor Tile Repair in Teaneck NJ

tile repair

Tile floor contractor that she used prior had been there recently, yet the tiles were moving and cracking now. Upon visiting her home, we saw that there were gaps and cracks with some tiles. The tiles when purchased were in very good conditions. We next checked the floor at the basement level. The first thing I saw was that the heating steam pipes were running under the floor and across the kitchen. This produced heat up to the ceiling, and hitting the kitchen floor. There was no insulation between the heating pipes. This caused the floor to expand, as the heat went up, and to contract when the heat was off. The cement glue on the top loosened and cracked. As a result, the tiles broke.  Before removing the tiles, we first handled the

Apartment Kitchen Renovation – Bergen County, NJ

An apartment kitchen renovation is one of the most important home improvement jobs that can be done in a home. It is not only the place where you may love to spend your time, but it is also the center of the home. A beautiful modern apartment kitchen renovation will also increase the price value. The secret in apartment kitchen renovation is in the design and planning. Whether you hire an apartment kitchen designer or you do it on your own, you must take the time to look around and seek plenty of apartment kitchen renovations online. Choose a few that you may like and then put together the costs for this once in a lifetime project. Apartment Kitchen Renovation Style & Cost After you know what apartment kitchen style you prefer (this could take a while,

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash – Bergen County, NJ

If you are looking to refresh or renew a kitchen tile backsplash, it might be a good idea to start choosing the kind of surface you wish to use and whether you just want to change the backsplash and/or replace the counter top as well. Replacing a ceramic tiled counter top is a fairly easy job for a professional tile installer and should not take longer than a day or two.   There are two options for replacing your kitchen backsplash: Removing your existing coutertop and placing a new countertop (granite, ceasar, stone, wood, or another kind). Then install the backsplash.  Leave the existing counter top and just replace the ceramic tiled backsplash. This is an easier job. You may also need to replace the drywall/sheet rock behind in order to get a new and

Get Beautiful New Kitchen Cabinets at Low Cost

ALL DONE KITCHENS® helps you to create the kitchen of your dreams, with an affordable quality line of products. We offer the best of both worlds: quality all-wood cabinets in a selection of fashionable styles and designer finishes, all at a surprisingly affordable price. All our cabinets are built-to-order and delivered to your home in approximately one week. Click here to see ALL DONE Kitchen Design Collection Catalog Ordering your dream kitchen is simple! - BROWSE – Select your design & color samples - DESIGN – Contact us with your measurements - ORDER – Pay for your order - DELIVERY – Delivery to your home or job site in approximately one week! Questions? Call our kitchen remodeling professionals at: 201-458-0455 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm ET)  

Bergen County / North Jersey Kitchen Repair & Renovation Process

Good morning, below are some pictures of a kitchen renovation NJ project (Bergen county/ north jersey) that we are in the process of putting together. As you know your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home kitchen cabinet Installation and some minor kitchen cabinets repairs can make a kitchen and your home look much better and even increase your home value. A kitchen renovation project is usually a process of a few days to a few weeks, starting from planning, measuring, ordering kitchen materials, such as kitchen cabinets, sink and faucet, sometimes kitchen plumbing pipes need to be modified, and if you need to apply for a permit the process may take a little bit longer as the inspection will need to be done of the kitchen remodeling process, but


New Kitchen Renovation & Repairs

We are just about to complete a new kitchen renovation project and general repairs in an 85 year old home.  As part of ALL DONE  Renovation Company's complete renovation, we covered the walls with sheetrock over the existing old plaster, which was falling apart (in some cases, we fixed the old plaster to save the cost of covering the whole room with drywall), installed a beautiful tiled floor and replaced 50 year old kitchen cabinets, of course including a sink and faucet, which makes the house look model 2013.     In the following videos you can see how we replaced the old kitchen faucet with a new faucet with a single whole and how we measured the exact center in order to make the hole Caesar Stone countertop.  Of course there is only one