Ceramic Floor Tile Installation

Choosing the type of flooring is one of the most sensitive areas that people consider when they want to replace or install a new floor. If you decide to go with a floor tile you have to consider a few important things before you choose the color of the floor, otherwise you might put the floor down and it will look nice for a little while and then after a few years you might need to replace the floor or live with a damaged tile floor. You never start to choose a tile according to the shape or color. There are hundreds of different types of tiles that can be installed on your floor and you need to consider some conditions before you are choosing the floor: 1. The area that you are going to install the tile floor: the area that you will install the tile floor, the

Double Fix a Jacuzzi in a Bathroom in Moonachie, NJ

 If you have ever hired the wrong home improvement/ remodeling contractor or company you probably know the sour feelings of paying top dollar for repairs or services and still having the problem and having to pay the cost again to fix and put everything back as it should be. The following pictures show a house with a bathroom that was fixed by some contractor that re-installed the Jacuzzi in the bathroom after a serious flood in the basement.  Unfortunately the contractor did a sloppy job, did not enforce the Jacuzzi well and built solid walls and support and the results were that every time someone used the Jacuzzi the frame around moved a few inches and the ceramic tiles got cracked from the heavy weight.  In this kind of case, of course there is no quick glue

Tile & Flooring

As a full service home improvement company, ALL DONE is the flooring contractor of choice for many homeowners in NJ for many years, we have offered a plethora of flooring options for people who are serious about giving their home a unique look. ALL DONE has dedicated flooring experts in the region that offer cost cutting flooring service. Tile flooring is one of the most popular alternatives for homeowners looking for new floors. Properly executed, tile floors add a touch of elegance and help your home stand out from the rest. There are plenty of tile installation contractors in New Jersey.  However, not all of them have the experience and skills to provide you the best results. Our team will work closely with you right from the very beginning so that you are always

Bathroom Cabinets

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