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Need shower grout repair in NJ? Call us any time at All Done Company, at 201-458-0455 Your bathroom is one of the wettest areas in your home, creating unique problems for your tile and grout. From stains and residue to mold and mildew growth, to water penetration and warped flooring, bathroom grout requires some special attention. At All Done contractors, we provide comprehensive shower grout services in NJ, from initial installation and renovation to shower grout repair and replacement. To find out more, or to schedule service, call us any time at 201-458-0455. When to Regrout Your Shower Tiles Tile grout gets dirty, and it's quite prone to mildew growth. Grout is a highly porous material, and its uneven surface compounds the problem by providing tiny

All About Grout | Bathroom Grout Repair in NJ

Looking for local contractors for bathroom grout repair in NJ? Call us any time at All Done Company, at 201-458-0455. On your bathroom floor and shower walls, the tile itself steals the show. Whether you have traditional ceramic tile, nonporous glass, or natural stone tiling, grout provides a bonding mechanism that holds the tiles in place and prevents them from cracking. When the grout itself cracks or flakes away, you may need to have it resealed or regrouted. At All Done Company, we're Bergen County's local tile experts, providing professional bathroom grout repair in NJ for local homeowners. To schedule service, call us any time at 201-458-0455. All About Grout: Types of Tile Grout & Their Applications There are several types of grout that we use when we're

Installing Safety Handles In a Bathroom

If you, your relatives or tenants, have a disability or are over a certain age we highly recommend that you install safety handles in your bathroom, especially in areas that are likely to be wet like in or near the entrance to the shower or bathtub and in the shower or bathtub. There are hundreds of cases every year of people that lost their balance for a half second and slipped in the shower. Most of them are old people who could not support themselves and did not have anything to grab on to to break their fall. These types of injuries can be very hard and take a long time to recover from, not to mention the pain and aggravation of going through this. Most of the time by installing safety items in the bathroom, like those handles or non-slip mats or stools and

Basement Shower Installation – Bergen County, NJ

If you are considering a basement shower or a full bathroom installation, there are certain limitations that you will need to know in order to get the project done successfully. Planning of the water system, sewer pipes, and space limitations (i.e. ceilings, walls, air ducts, gas pipes) in the basement need to be considered in advance to allow for adequate basement walking space. Distance between items, like the main sewer pipe, water meter, electrical plumbing, and permits within your town, also need to be considered. Placing a shower or bathroom in your basement usually requires a few weeks of work. It largely depends on the space, permit approval, time, inspector's schedule, etc. However, at the end of the process, you will have a beautiful bathroom within a

Adding New Bathroom in Basement in Fair Lawn NJ

Adding or remodeling a bathroom in your basement will probably convert your basement to another living area, we see people using it as an additional space for a relative (especially with the high cost of living today many people are living with relatives and family ) and some people even rent it (the question of whether that's legal or not aside).  Most of the time when you are adding a new bathroom in the basement you are required to apply for a permit.  If you an architect and a ready to go drawing that makes it an easy start as everything is on paper and ready to go to perform the work.  If you do not want to pay for an architect we can help you to be creative with our new bathroom designs video and put different items in like a shower, vanity, toilet bowl or

New Bathroom Tiles Without Removing the Old Tiles

The following is a new bathroom renovation that we redid just a few days ago. We actually renovated this bathroom 9 years ago for the same client and its amazing how time flies and here we are renovating the same bathroom from model 2003 to model 2013.  The unit is a rental unit that the last tenant stayed for 9 years strait and just moved out and we got the project to renovate the bathroom at the lowest cost possible as part of preparing the home for a new tenant, of course time is critical as the owner wants to put the home back on the market as soon as possible and get a new tenant, especially around June when people are relocating. We have been serving this property for the last 9 years as property maintenance and repairs company and we suggested not to remove