Our Flood Cleaning Services

Flooding occur because of flash flood rains, piping and sewer issues, or a non-functional sump pump, just to name a few. A flooded basement can lead to mold, debris, and a strong smell. Flooding in your home can ruin furniture, electrical wiring and items, as well as many hours of headaches. If you need emergency flood service, we are experienced contractors that can help you handle any flood cleaning day and night. Contact us today 201-458-0455 or Keep our number just in case.

Basement Emergency

A basement emergency can arise if there are flash floods and your sump pump stops working. Broken pipes, leaking water heaters, and other plumbing issues can also lead to various feet of water. There are preventative measures that you can take to avoid these situations, but in emergencies, you need help that won't cost you an arm or a leg immediately. Quick and Experienced Contractors for Any Emergency We specialize in flooded, wet, or still leaking basements. We serve the NY/NJ area at any hour and with quick and efficient service. We can handle it all, from cleaning and extracting the water from your basement to repairing your sump pump or installing a new one. Do not hesitate! If you have a basement emergency, we are here to help. Give us a call at

Basement Renovations Bergen County NJ

Take that old, empty dark basement and renovate it into a bright large, living space that can be useful and will increase your home dramatically. We can help you get a new fresh idea on how to renovate your basement to maximize your space. Get more room in an area that you can use as a guest room, play room, office, or additional bedrooms. We can help you even get a full bathroom, add a shower or bathtub, increase closet space, storage, and design this beautifully and at an affordable cost. We renovate many basements in the Bergen County NJ area. We can show you many projects that we have completed and let you speak with the other homeowners that we have finished their basement, or even schedule an in-person appointment where we can show you some of our basement

Basement Water Leakage and Basement Waterproofing


If you need to have a basement waterproofing job completed for reasons of water leaking in your basement, moisture, or smell, there are mainly two ways that basement water proofing repairs can be done. Basement Water Leak Issues Internal waterproofing is the solution when the walls need to be removed and a process of waterproofing from the foundation, windows, and drain runs into a basement sump pump. External waterproofing work is a major job because it requires removing the debris around the external wall foundation, all the way down to the foundation level. Then, the external walls need to be insulated with the external waterproofing product in at least two layers in order to have the basement completely clean. External water main leak repair

How to Replace a Heating Steam Pipe in the Basement

If your heat steam pipes are water leaking in the basement, usually the reason is due to the condition of the pipes. As they get old, they are more likely to rust inside and as a result small holes will pop up on the bottom surface of the pipe and hot steam water will leak usually from the return pipes. This will happen if your system is more than 25 years old, you did not maintain and clean the boiler on schedule, or the return pipe was too small to handle the water that returns from the radiators, etc. Replacing a heating steam pipe is not a simple job or a small repair because it requires cutting the damaged leaking pipe and replacing it with a new pipe. Depending on the length of the leaking pipe, this job could take between 1-2 days to replace the leaking pipe

Basement Bathroom Floor Tile Installation

If you are looking to install tile floors in your basement, there are certain things you need to know because unlike a regular floor, basement floors have specific requirements and some issues that you need to be aware of before planning and installing floor tiles. Basement floors are usually not leveled and considered a wet environment, with humidity, or potential water flooding that can and may ruin a floor. When you are considering a tile installation, you need to make sure that the basement floor is level first. There are special liquid materials that will help to level your basement floor easily. If you basement floor is not intensively un-leveled, a few buckets of the liquid would suffice. The second consideration is the type of tile and the thinset you want

Flooded Basement and Sump Pump Repair

It is very unpleasant to find a completely flooded basement due to a broken sump pump. To avoid this, you will need to pay attention to the smaller details. The sump pump's noises and its initial warning signs signify that there may be issues. If the owner is aware of this noise but neglects to act upon it, he may return to this unfortunate scene of a flooded basement right after a vacation, for example. Repairing a sump pump might have initially cost him a few hundred dollars, but with neglect, the damage could result in more than $10,000 as well as the added aggravation of lost items such as furniture, an added headache of insurance dealings, adjusters' approvals, and then the depreciation difference. As well as the loss of money and income, and considerable

Basement Shower Installation – Bergen County, NJ

If you are considering a basement shower or a full bathroom installation, there are certain limitations that you will need to know in order to get the project done successfully. Planning of the water system, sewer pipes, and space limitations (i.e. ceilings, walls, air ducts, gas pipes) in the basement need to be considered in advance to allow for adequate basement walking space. Distance between items, like the main sewer pipe, water meter, electrical plumbing, and permits within your town, also need to be considered. Placing a shower or bathroom in your basement usually requires a few weeks of work. It largely depends on the space, permit approval, time, inspector's schedule, etc. However, at the end of the process, you will have a beautiful bathroom within a