If you are the average customer these days then you probably know that most companies, especially the bigger ones, motivate their salesman and employees to sell you more of what will let them gain the most in terms of dollars/customer value equaling a higher income.

With all of the computers and CRM systems for each company location and salesman bringing to the boss MORE SALES, the system is designed to squeeze the maximum possible income from each client. That means that doctors want to sell you more of their higher profit services or products. Same with suppliers or insurance agents that sometimes might recommend to you a company based on the size of the commission they will receive.

Roofing-companies-ant to-Sell-You-a-New-Roof

Roofing companies Want to Sell You a New Roof

In the home improvement industry if you have a roofing problem and need Plumbing repair company or have a small water leak, a roofer will sometimes try to sell you a whole roof instead of a simple fix.

Roofing companies Want to Sell You a New Roof

Let’s take the roofing repair example for instance. Your roof is leaking, you call a roofer or a few local roofing company and the solutions to your roof repair will be as follows:

  1. Your roof has only a minor whole or small crack that can be repaired locally. The cost of the materials are almost $0, the time to fix it is less than an hour. You end up with a small repair that solved your problem at a very low cost.
  2. Your roof is leaking as a result of one or more damaged tiles or some missing tiles due to a storm or wind. Only a few tiles need to be replaced. Cost of the materials is less than $50. Time to repair the damaged roof is a couple of hours. That is also a low cost roof repair solution that will last a long time.
  3. Roof leaking that requires roof repair as a result of an area that is damaged due to external forces, like a gutter that is clogged, leaves that sat on a roof for a long time, etc.. In this type of scenario an affordable roofing contractorwill take a measurement of the area and to fix the roof will charge you per square and that should be a complete good solution to hold for a few good years. The cost of the materials depends on the size and time to accomplish this type of roof repair is about one day. For a typical house you will probably pay between $500 to $1500 depends on the size of the damaged tile area that needs to be replaced, the kind of roof, etc..
  4. Your roof is too old, cracks and tiles are no longer waterproof and it doesn’t pay to fix just a specific damage area and especially for long term you must get a new roof. Only then, when the damage covers many spots on your roof, only then do you usually need to install a new roof.

Most home owners or business owners will not go on their roof and do not understand roofing systems (this is why it’s important to have a roofer that you can trust as you may also need him for emergency services if the roof leaks on nights or weekends).

We provide our clients pictures that show the damaged area and the measurement and try first to save you money and repair the roof before we suggest that you install a new roof.


Have a wonderful day!