Roof Repair is A Low Cost if You Maintain it in Time


Roof repair can be very affordable and in some case at a low cost if you find and repair the cause of the problem early enough that you don’t need to fix the entire damaged roof or install a new roof.

In most cases roof damage is caused by a minor problem like issues with the roof gutters, a damaged fascia, soffit or an external part like a tree or nail that fell on the roof and with the heat of the sun caused a whole or cracked the roofing tiles.  In all these conditions roof repair can be sometimes round $100 if you fix it immediately but later on it might cost you thousands of dollars and not including internal damage to ceilings, walls, drywall, floors and electrical devices like light fixtures that might need to be replaced during roof repair when there is larger roof damage.

Roofing Inspection

In order to prevent expensive roof repair and even a new roof installation, we highly recommend that you inspect your roof visually from inside and outside and around the house at least twice a year, before the winter and after the winter, in order to find any minor changes and damage that might result in minor roof repair.

We provide a roofing inspection service and conduct any minor repairs on the spot and sometimes at no additional charge.  A roof inspection usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is generally unnecessary in residential homes and is usually needed by commercial buildings that have flat roofs  Commercial roof repair can be very expensive and you can maintain your commercial building roof for a very low cost if you have a professional roofer handle your roof maintenance.  Beside the damage that might be caused by a roof leak in a commercial building there is also the loss of business of the tenant if they cannot use the space until the damage is resolved, not to mention the damage cost to goods, equipment or even paperwork that may be unrecoverable because of water damage.  So our advice is to be on top of things and maintain it before it breaks.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can do it for you at a low cost.