Maintaining Not Repairing Your Air Conditioning Before the Summer

Hello, you probably think why should I call someone now when its 60 degrees outside to check my air condition or HVAC, who has the time for that now.  Well besides the fact that you can save money, when its 100 degrees outside and there is a shortage of repairmen as its the high season and many air conditioners break down exactly at the same time.  Many people need air conditioning repair service at the same time, AC repair company’s are running around and if its an emergency air conditioning repair and in the middle of the night, holiday, weekend or with Murphy’s Law when you are expecting guests.  So go then, with the time expectation and the pressure to find a good AC repair company right now.

Its just about how you see and schedule life, things are going to stop and break sometimes and at some point. If you are prepared for that, most of the time you will have your AC running and not dying.  So having your AC system checked, not repaired, just checked as part of maintenance and run through a checklist of parts and systems at your schedule and comfort, it will not only cost you less but will also save you time, headache and stress.

Air Conditioner repair ServiceMost People Listen Only After They Have A Problem

Just look at the news, how many things can be avoided by just doing things right at the right time, preparing them and not neglecting them. Heating systems, cooling systems and any other mechanical systems have many moving parts, electronic modules, computer and a few hundred small parts that will be replaced one day.  90% of the people will not take any action unless they will suffer first from a heating system that is off and refuses to start, and of course its when its 20 degrees outside; or have a cooling system that is blowing hot air when its 90 degrees outside.  That is human nature, unless you are educated or you had a problem in the past and life educated you the hard way:)  Unfortunately, that’s how it is with most people.

Identifying the Problem With an AC, Cooling and Air Conditioning System

A professional air conditioning technician has the experience and the ear and the eyes to listen and to see things that an ordinary homeowner will notice that something is wrong with the air conditioning central unit.  Why? Because he is trained to know what to look for and he is trained to look for AC problems repairs and damage so that a minor noise that for you is considered OK, for him its a sign that the AC system or heating system is going to be off soon and you will not have heating and cooling.  The same like a doctor or an accounting that an see certain numbers and know where its going, the same as in your profession, whatever you do.

Running your air conditioning, heat pump or central air for 10 minutes will give the first impression as to how your air conditioning system works, further visual inspection and maintenance, like belts a blower, the heat exchange, thermostats, vacuum pipes and other lead, light signs on and off will lead to a better understanding if everything is ok, but most of the time everything will be OK, but we don’t help people repair their air condition during the most of the time.

Here is some good advice, there are three things you should pay attention to and they will mean your system is running fairly normally, but again call us, but at least to get a good feeling:

  1. The AC air temperature of the room, if you put your hand on the vent and feel cold air that means the system is running OK, but again in depends on the outside temperature.
  2. No noises. Any outside noise, clicking, banging or random noise coming from the A/C duct system, heat pump, blower, belt and on, most of the time you as a client can see the external side of it.  We can also remove the AC unit cover and check internal parts.
  3. The system is running on and off normally, as the temperature in the rooms reach the set temperature on the thermostat.

That is general advice only, insufficient for a complete AC check up before winter and if you want to make sure, call us so we can run a complete air conditioning checkup for you.  For any other advice or questions regarding air condition, we would always be happy to help.  Have a blessed day.