Problem with Water in the Basement?

Water in the basement can be one of the most annoying and problematic problems in a basement.  Whether you have an unfinished basement or your basement is finished and used as a living area, water leaks in the basement walls or floor can cause you a lot of headache and sometimes even damage to a point that you might need to replace some of the structures of the basement.

The best way to prevent water from leaking in your basement and any further repairs and costs is to maintain your basement, to check often, at least once a year, for any marks or signs of leaks, changes in the colors of the walls or flooring and even a change in smell of the basement environment.  For instance, a change in the color of the basement walls or paint peeling of the walls, or of a wooden floor or tiles, you will see it getting darker in the wet area.  Even a small leak will make a change over time, and this may be the first sign that something needs to be sealed and repaired.  The sooner you search and detect the leak usually the cheaper it will be to fix it with less damage to the basement infrastructure and goods.

To find minor leaks you need to have some experience, sometimes you can find the leak only when its raining outside.  The leak might be from water leaking through the walls or in some cases even from your water pipes or sewer pipes within the basement walls and the ceiling.

basement cleaning and water removal

basement cleaning and water removal

A well maintained basement will have sealed walls and floors with a french drain around the basement walls, all water will be collected into a sump pump that will kick in every time water reaches a certain level and push the water away from your  basement.  A good sump pump to your basement will usually run for a few seconds each time, if a sump pump is running for more than 60 seconds or continuously there is a problem within the water collection drain system or the amount of water in the basement or the sump pump.

We offer full basement services from small minor repairs to complete basement cleaning and water removal of a flooded basement, drying of the basement, repair, remodeling and completing your basement from A to Z, even as a living area, including all the permits that are necessary and dealing with your insurance company.  We can even work out the insurance payment schedule, and deal with the insurance company’s agents and inspections to their satisfaction.

If you have any questions about water leaks or any basement remodeling please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to stop by and provide you with honest advice and help.