New Kitchen Renovation & Repairs

We are just about to complete a new kitchen renovation project and general repairs in an 85 year old home.  As part of ALL DONE  Renovation Company’s complete renovation, we covered the walls with sheetrock over the existing old plaster, which was falling apart (in some cases, we fixed the old plaster to save the cost of covering the whole room with drywall), installed a beautiful tiled floor and replaced 50 year old kitchen cabinets, of course including a sink and faucet, which makes the house look model 2013.



In the following videos you can see how we replaced the old kitchen faucet with a new faucet with a single whole and how we measured the exact center in order to make the hole Caesar Stone countertop.  Of course there is only one chance to make the hole, so we had to get it right.


You will be able to see more images of our renovation project in our next post.  Of course, if you need any help with kitchen repairs or renovation or any home remodeling project, feel free to contact us for free advice and we would be happy to help to complete it beautifully.