New Bathroom Tiles Without Removing the Old Tiles

The following is a new bathroom renovation that we redid just a few days ago. We actually renovated this bathroom 9 years ago for the same client and its amazing how time flies and here we are renovating the same bathroom from model 2003 to model 2013.  The unit is a rental unit that the last tenant stayed for 9 years strait and just moved out and we got the project to renovate the bathroom at the lowest cost possible as part of preparing the home for a new tenant, of course time is critical as the owner wants to put the home back on the market as soon as possible and get a new tenant, especially around June when people are relocating.

We have been serving this property for the last 9 years as property maintenance and repairs company and we suggested not to remove the existing tiles and the drywall and to go right over the old tiles with a new tile installation as the tile condition was fairly good and it can save the time and of course the cost to remove the existing tiles and the drywall and re-install new walls.  I just want to mention that since e know the property well, we know the condition of the plumbing pipes behind the wall as we replaced them completely to new copper and PVC pipes 9 years ago and no leaks have been found so we felt comfortable recommending not remodeling the entire bathroom.

We started right away to install the new tiles on top of the existing floor tiles and then continued to build up and install the tiles on the wall up to the ceiling without changing the bathtub, toilet bowl and vanity as they were in very condition.  That took us only about two and a half days and saved the owner a few thousand dollars.

Sometimes we can help you find cost effective solutions using new products or bringing unique technical knowledge that will save a lot of time and money.  In some towns for this particular type of work you don’t need a permit because its considered a cosmetic improvement.