Kitchen Floor Tile Repair in Teaneck NJ

Tile floor contractor that she used prior had been there recently, yet the tiles were moving and cracking now. Upon visiting her home, we saw that there were gaps and cracks with some tiles. The tiles when purchased were in very good conditions.

tile repair

We next checked the floor at the basement level.

The first thing I saw was that the heating steam pipes were running under the floor and across the kitchen.

This produced heat up to the ceiling, and hitting the kitchen floor. There was no insulation between the heating pipes.

This caused the floor to expand, as the heat went up, and to contract when the heat was off.

The cement glue on the top loosened and cracked. As a result, the tiles broke.

 Before removing the tiles, we first handled the insulation part of the heating system. We made sure that the heating stayed within the pipe and did not release heat elsewhere. Second, we removed the existing tiles, the sub-floor, and we re-installed the new kitchen tiles. In this case, the owner could still get her existing tiles from the store, and we were able to replace just 80% of the kitchen tile floor and avoid those under the cabinets.

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