Installing Safety Handles In a Bathroom

Installing- safety-handles-in -bathroomIf you, your relatives or tenants, have a disability or are over a certain age we highly recommend that you install safety handles in your bathroom, especially in areas that are likely to be wet like in or near the entrance to the shower or bathtub and in the shower or bathtub. There are hundreds of cases every year of people that lost their balance for a half second and slipped in the shower. Most of them are old people who could not support themselves and did not have anything to grab on to to break their fall. These types of injuries can be very hard and take a long time to recover from, not to mention the pain and aggravation of going through this. Most of the time by installing safety items in the bathroom, like those handles or non-slip mats or stools and special chairs in the shower, these types of injuries can be avoided.

Installing those items usually take less than 30 minutes. Like most things in life, its very simple if you know what your doing. Installing it incorrectly could damage the tiles, walls, plumbing pipes and electrical items that are in the walls, and the handle itself will need to hold the weight of the person so you cannot just install it everywhere. In some very rare cases, you need to open the wall to install support for the handle but most of the time its an easy task to complete and we provide this service, and repair if needed, within your home, business or nursing home.

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