How to Replace a Heating Steam Pipe in the Basement

If your heat steam pipes are water leaking in the basement, usually the reason is due to the condition of the pipes. As they get old, they are more likely to rust inside and as a result small holes will pop up on the bottom surface of the pipe and hot steam water will leak usually from the return pipes. This will happen if your system is more than 25 years old, you did not maintain and clean the boiler on schedule, or the return pipe was too small to handle the water that returns from the radiators, etc.

Replacing a heating steam pipe is not a simple job or a small repair because it requires cutting the damaged leaking pipe and replacing it with a new pipe. Depending on the length of the leaking pipe, this job could take between 1-2 days to replace the leaking pipe and putting the system back to normal.

Do I Need a Permit to Replace the Heating Steam Pipe?

In most towns you do not need a permit to replace the leaking pipe. Please contact us for experienced plumbing service at 201-458-0455 so that we may discuss it on the phone and ask a few questions. We would be happy to come back and give you a free estimate.