Hardwood Floors Installation, Repair, and Refinishing

Refinishing an old hardwood floor will make a tremendous difference in your home and business. If you do this with the right hardwood finishing contractor, it will last for a very long time with almost no maintenance.

Hardwood Floor Repair NJ

We can install, repair, sand, and refinish any hardwood floor and make your hardwood floor beautiful for a very long time and bring you many different finishes to choose from. Hardwood floor repairs requires matching the existing type of wood and color with the new hardwood floor. Otherwise, the floor will not match and you will notice the differences between the existing floor and the repair area.

If you have an old hardwood floor that needs re-sanding, there are certain techniques to complete the job right and get your hardwood floors to have a brand new look. We can show you many jobs that we have completed. We can even schedule an appointment with existing clients in the area to see the quality of our work and different finishes that you can get from a 80 year old floor.

Hardwood Floors Refinishing Colors

Matching existing floor colors of a hardwood floor, or changing your hardwood floors finished color requires experience from a professional hardwood floor contractor that can complete it with the right results, according to the catalog. Please contact our hardwood floor contractors at 201.458.0455 and we would be happy to advise you and match the colors for your hardwood floor repairs that you prefer.