Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Repair in Teaneck NJ

Hardwood floor refinishing is one of the projects that you may do once or twice in a lifetime and it will make a beautiful impact on the look of your house, apartment or business.  There are different prices on the market for refinishing a hardwood floor as hardwood floor refinishing comes with different types and levels of materials and sometimes a different process.   If you want to refinishing your hardwood floor in your house, apartment or business in a low traffic area you would probably need to use the standard hardwood floor materials than if you want to refinish a hardwood floor of a business like a store that has high traffic for which you would want to use hardwood floor refinishing for commercial areas.

Before starting to refinish your hardwood floor the floor must be inspected to see the type of wood, the condition of the floor and the preparation that needs to be done before repairing and preparing the floor for sanding and refinishing.  We provide a free estimate and advice to get the most out of your floor and it is particularly necessary to speak to a professional flooring company if you want to change the color of the existing floor.

If your hardwood floor requires repair or replacement of broken pieces, or has areas where the color changed because of spills on the floor, that might require more attention and preparation.  We will do the best to replace the damaged areas and match your existing hardwood floor.  That might be a little hard with older homes that need a portion of the wood replaced and matched with new hardwood flooring, but it is definitely possible and sometimes after repair the difference in colors is very minor.

For free advice and an estimate please call us at any time and we would be happy to stop by and review and help you accomplish a beautiful hardwood floor refinishing and repair.