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If your gas line breaks or ruptures, or you’re interested in converting some of your appliances to natural gas, you’ll need new gas line installation. Installing a gas pipe generally requires excavation and heavy machinery, so it’s not exactly a simple DIY project.

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Why Install a Gas Line?

If you don’t have a natural gas hookup already, you’ll need gas line installation if you decide to install gas-powered appliances, such as boilers, furnaces, or stoves.

Many homeowners in New Jersey make the decision to replace an old electrical appliance with one that runs on natural gas. There are several good reasons to consider natural gas:

  • Gas stoves heat food more evenly. Gas stovetops are widely regarded as superior to electric, especially among homeowners who are passionate about cooking.
  • Gas stoves are less expensive to power. Converting to a gas stove can save you money.
  • Gas water heaters are more efficient. A gas water heater to replace your electric one could reduce your heating bill significantly, as gas-powered models are almost always more energy-efficient than their electric counterparts.
  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. Natural gas is a petroleum byproduct, and fossil fuels have a bad reputation for valid reasons. However, compared to other fossil fuels, natural gas is quite clean. When combusted, natural gas releases only carbon dioxide and water vapor. It has few impurities, and isn’t particularly chemically complex.

Compared to oil or coal, it produces far less carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas), sulfur dioxide (which causes acid rain), nitrogen oxides (which create smog), and particulate matter, which contributes to air pollution.

Upgrading an Oil Furnace to Natural Gas

Many homeowners opt for oil-to-gas conversion for an existing furnace or boiler. Here in New Jersey, there was once a time when oil was quite inexpensive, making it a fuel of choice for domestic applications. However, this is no longer the case.

Natural gas is cleaner and more efficient, as well as costing considerably less. If you have an oil furnace or boiler, you may want to install a natural gas line to power a new replacement furnace that runs on natural gas.

Hiring Gas Service Contractors for Gas Line Installation

If you have an existing pipe that’s damaged, you may or may not need gas line replacement. Many simple leaks can be repaired, without replacing the entire pipe. However, severe degradation and damage may require you to have contractors install a brand new natural gas line.

The Cost of Gas Line Installation

The cost of gas line installation in NJ is affected by two main factors: the cost of materials and the cost of labor. The cost of labor revolves around how technically challenging your gas line installation or replacement project is going to be.

Extensive gas line installation is often beyond the expertise of most general plumbers, and is better assigned to contractors who specialize in underground pipe repair and gas repair services.

The type of pipe material can also affect your overall cost, as can the appliance for which the gas will be used. Natural gas pipes can be made from steel, copper, aluminum, ductile iron, and even PVC.

Experienced Professional Gas Service Contractors NJ

At All done Plumbing Services, we’re not just general plumbers. We specialize in working with underground pipes, including main sewer lines and natural gas supply and utility lines:

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