Do You Need Sewer Line Repair in NJ?

Finding out that you have a broken sewer pipe and need sewer repair can be a shock.  It can sound like a major project to dig up your home’s sewer line and replace pipes, but the good news is that we have done it hundreds of times and can make it easy for you!  

We have been doing sewer repair in NJ for many years and can help you fix your sewer quickly and at a competitive cost.

Sewer damage can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Tree roots breaking the underground sewer pipe
  • Shifting soil eroding the sewer pipe’s foundation
  • Sewer cleanings and sewer jetting damaging the pipes
  • Wear and tear due to the age or material of the sewer pipe
  • Leaking joints between sewer pipes
  • Broken underground sewer pipe

The only reliable way to know what the problem is with your sewer pipe and if you need sewer repair is to have a sewer repair contractor inspect the inside of the sewer pipe with a camera. Our NJ sewer repair contractors will inspect your entire sewer line with a small sewer camera and then will be able to tell you the condition of your sewer line and where any problems may be. 

Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer inspection, is critical to professional sewer repair because it eliminates any guesswork and we can make accurate estimates for sewer repair or replacement.

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Reliable Sewer Repair Contractor in NJ

Many NJ homeowners are surprised to find out that they are responsible for the costs of sewer repair rather than the municipality. The municipality does maintain the public sewer main which usually runs under the public streets, but each private property that would like sewer service is responsible for installing sewer lines to their property by building a sewer lateral to connect to the public sewer main.

A sewer lateral is an underground pipe that carries wastewater from the structures on the private property to the public sewer main. The sewer lateral is usually discussed in two portions, the upper lateral which runs from the structure to the property line by the curb, and the lower lateral which runs from the property line to the municipal main sewer in the street. The municipality usually provides a sewer lateral easement for you to build the lower lateral in the public right-of-way but the sewer lateral serves only your private property and thus taxpayer money may not be used to build or repair a private sewer lateral.

Its very important to choose a reliable plumber with experience working on outdoor underground sewer lines when choosing a contractor for sewer repair. Most ordinary plumbing companies work primarily on indoor plumbing jobs like replacing toilets or a leak in the ceiling, and will work on the outdoor sewer lines a few times a year.

A sewer contractor like us works on outdoor underground sewer lines every day. We have seen a greater variety of sewer line repair problems and solutions and are better equipped to provide an accurate diagnosis and estimate. More importantly, our teams work on these projects every day so we are fast and efficient so we can give you a lower estimate for sewer repair than most other plumbing companies.

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