I hear, here and there, that some home improvement suppliers, such as Home Depot, try to sell you their merchandise by “making everything easier for you”. The idea is that you can do everything on your own by not hiring a contractor or any home improvement company. For many of the smaller jobs, this could be true. Painting walls, replacing door knobs, or installing shelves are all projects you can most likely complete yourself.

However, when it reaches a level where specialized tools may be required, or other dangerous tools such as saws, we suggest you leave it to the professionals, unless you already have some experience.

It might not only be dangerous using a tool without any prior experience, but also you will not get the work done as fast or as nice as a contractor. What frequently occurs is that you may actually damage the materials or surface that needs to be built or installed and you end up paying a lot more to fix it.

do-not-do-it-yourselfFor instance, we had a customer that called us to snake a clogged sewer line. This is a fairly easy job, but the client decided to do it on his own by renting the tools from Home Depot and he ended up losing the sewer line cap which led to an hours-long struggle to dig it out of the sewer line. The only way to dig it out was to break the sewer line and replace some of the sewer line.

As a result, instead of a job that could have cost around $100, he ended up paying over $2000 and could not use the bathroom for about 2 days.

This may be a minor issue compared to the man that decided to go and repair roof tiles. According to the video he saw on Youtube, it should be a very easy fix. Yet, the video forgot to mention that besides the risk of climbing your roof, the plywood may be rotten leading to a risk of falling from your roof.

This guy stepped on soft broken plywood and fell halfway in with one leg inside the roof, breaking a leg.

A job that could have been completed within a couple of hours resulted in a job that led to pain and frustration, insurance companies, and missed time at work. Just because the phrase states that “You can do it yourself”, does not mean it is always the best decision.

The third case involves one man that decided to do some masonry work in his backyard. He carried heavy cement without the proper preparation and slipped in his backyard on wet leaves. He fell, and for the first few minutes he didn’t feel anything.

However, he ended up in the hospital with a diagnosed cracked hip. You cannot place your hip in a cast and hence, the man ended up sitting and sleeping on his recliner for 3 months on heavy pain killers. He was unable to go to his own bedroom or work. After the third month, he began using a cane.

Doing it yourself does not work well with contracting. With all due respect to the beautiful brochures and posters showing male and female homeowners  smiling while wearing protective gloves and glasses using heavy tools and the convincing advertisements, it doesn’t work for most people.

You may need to spend a few more dollars, but with a contractor you end up getting the job done efficiently and with minimum risk. This way, you avoid placing yourself in dangerous positions and still have the job completed. This is true of every profession, from doctors, attorneys, etc.

Just focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us. Have a wonderful day.