Chimney Repair in Fair Lawn NJ

A chimney is a home feature that may go unnoticed until it needs to be repaired or until an animal falls into the chimney.  If you need to repair your chimney its probably because you have not paid attention to it in the last decade or so.  Chimney repairs are rare as there is not much to maintain unless the concrete gets loose or the cover is broken or missing which may expose your chimney to the elements which will cause deterioration, an animal can fall into your chimney and blog your chimney and heating systems (if you hear animal noises or if you smell a weird smell that may be the time to call animal control (from our experience in Fair Lawn, Nj they charge about $170 to remove the animal).

Chimney clean up is required once in a while, its better to check the chimney and clean it before the winter, it depends on your chimney style and access, usually you can do it from the opening on the bottom and use a heavy duty vacuum machine to suck the dust and the pieces that fall to the bottom of the chimney.

Unless you need to rebuild your chimney which is very rare, repairs will cost a few hundred dollars and you will have the piece of mind that no bricks will fall from your roof down.

If you have any questions for any chimney clean up or repairs, please feel free to call us and we would be happy to help with your chimney repair and give you advice.