ALL DONE is a home improvement service company located in NJ and LA that provides home remodeling and repair services for homes and commercial buildings. For senior citizens in the Los Angeles areas of the San Fernando Valley in the Valley Village we offer free air condition check up and replacement of air filters if needed for only the cost of the air filters.  Limited to the first 50 clients from LA. Please notify us if you live in an apartment building or condo as you might need to coordinate the service call time with management.    

New Kitchen Renovation & Repairs

We are just about to complete a new kitchen renovation project and general repairs in an 85 year old home.  As part of ALL DONE  Renovation Company's complete renovation, we covered the walls with sheetrock over the existing old plaster, which was falling apart (in some cases, we fixed the old plaster to save the cost of covering the whole room with drywall), installed a beautiful tiled floor and replaced 50 year old kitchen cabinets, of course including a sink and faucet, which makes the house look model 2013.     In the following videos you can see how we replaced the old kitchen faucet with a new faucet with a single whole and how we measured the exact center in order to make the hole Caesar Stone countertop.  Of course there is only one

FREE Annual Test Smoke Alarm Program

ALL DONE offers a FREE annual test of smoke detectors for senior citizens. The goal of our program is to check that smoke alarms are working properly to ensure the health and safety of your home. Statistics show that in all reported fires that occurred in a structure for 2010, twenty-nine percent (29%) had no smoke alarm or the smoke alarm failed to work. The program will run from February 11 through February 22 in Paramus, Hackensack & Fair Lawn. This is a free service provided by All Done for our local community. Sign up in the following form: 

Sewer Cleaning Services or Drain Cleaning Services Company in NJ

 Having a good sewer repair service in NJ company contractors to serve your sewer and drain is one of the most important things to have on the side, ready to go, just in case ...  and this just in case usually happens at the worst time when you need your sewer line cleaned the most, like when guests are coming, holiday evenings, weekends and all of a sudden the sewer is clogged, the drain pipes are flooded with water in the kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, and you are powerless to do anything and now go and find an emergency 24/7 sewer cleaning or drain cleaning company that will pick up the phone and come right away. Consider that with a simple sewer cleaning or sewer clog you can get away sometimes as long as the smelly things in the pipes stay within the pipe, but