Roofing Repair Costs in NJ

Some people want a strait forward answer to how much their roof repair or new roof installation will cost.  Repairing or installing  a new roof depends on many different things like the location of your home, the size of your roof, the condition of your roof, the roof materials, including the one's that you will choose, some come with a 20 year warranty and some with a 50 year warranty and the price is different.  It also depends on how many roof layers you have.  In New Jersey for example you are allowed to have up to two layers, so you can install a new roof layer on an old one but you cannot install a new layer on a second layer.  So this means that you need to remove all the layers of the roof until you get to the plywood and then reinstall a new roof.  If you

Roof Repair is A Low Cost if You Maintain it in Time

  Roof repair can be very affordable and in some case at a low cost if you find and repair the cause of the problem early enough that you don't need to fix the entire damaged roof or install a new roof. In most cases roof damage is caused by a minor problem like issues with the roof gutters, a damaged fascia, soffit or an external part like a tree or nail that fell on the roof and with the heat of the sun caused a whole or cracked the roofing tiles.  In all these conditions roof repair can be sometimes round $100 if you fix it immediately but later on it might cost you thousands of dollars and not including internal damage to ceilings, walls, drywall, floors and electrical devices like light fixtures that might need to be replaced during roof repair when there

Double Fix a Jacuzzi in a Bathroom in Moonachie, NJ

 If you have ever hired the wrong home improvement/ remodeling contractor or company you probably know the sour feelings of paying top dollar for repairs or services and still having the problem and having to pay the cost again to fix and put everything back as it should be. The following pictures show a house with a bathroom that was fixed by some contractor that re-installed the Jacuzzi in the bathroom after a serious flood in the basement.  Unfortunately the contractor did a sloppy job, did not enforce the Jacuzzi well and built solid walls and support and the results were that every time someone used the Jacuzzi the frame around moved a few inches and the ceramic tiles got cracked from the heavy weight.  In this kind of case, of course there is no quick glue

Problem with Water in the Basement?

Water in the basement can be one of the most annoying and problematic problems in a basement.  Whether you have an unfinished basement or your basement is finished and used as a living area, water leaks in the basement walls or floor can cause you a lot of headache and sometimes even damage to a point that you might need to replace some of the structures of the basement. The best way to prevent water from leaking in your basement and any further repairs and costs is to maintain your basement, to check often, at least once a year, for any marks or signs of leaks, changes in the colors of the walls or flooring and even a change in smell of the basement environment.  For instance, a change in the color of the basement walls or paint peeling of the walls, or of a wooden

Roofing Repair & Inspection in Bergen County New Jersey

We are currently offering for a limited time visual roofing inspections for senior citizens in Bergen County NJ.  The promotion will include visual inspections of roofing conditions, gutters and chimney for only $45 for the first 50 clients and only until July 1, 2013.  If roof repair is necessary a separate quote will be provided with a discount of 15%. If you are located in Bergen County and you are looking for a roofing company to complete any roofing repair services or you are looking for a roofing quote for a new roof we would be happy to serve you at an affordable price with any roofing products for your home, for a tiles roof, flat roof or rubber roof or a commercial or industrial roof.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Repair in Teaneck NJ

Hardwood floor refinishing is one of the projects that you may do once or twice in a lifetime and it will make a beautiful impact on the look of your house, apartment or business.  There are different prices on the market for refinishing a hardwood floor as hardwood floor refinishing comes with different types and levels of materials and sometimes a different process.   If you want to refinishing your hardwood floor in your house, apartment or business in a low traffic area you would probably need to use the standard hardwood floor materials than if you want to refinish a hardwood floor of a business like a store that has high traffic for which you would want to use hardwood floor refinishing for commercial areas. Before starting to refinish your hardwood floor the

Attic Renovation & Improvement in Hackensack NJ

If you are interested in an attic remodeling estimate and want to prepare your budget for an attic renovation cost we are ready to guide and advise you regarding your home attic renovation project as we are highly experienced and have the team and resources to complete your project at a low cost and in a fairly short time frame. Below are two pictures of one of the attics that we updated recently. This attic is in a home that is almost 100 years old and was used as storage for a lot of junk and we converted it beautifully within a couple of weeks from an ugly old attic to a beautiful master bedroom unit, including a bedroom space with a small living room area, a bathroom with a shower and another area that the homeowner uses as a small office area with his computer.

Bergen County / North Jersey Kitchen Repair & Renovation Process

Good morning, below are some pictures of a kitchen renovation NJ project (Bergen county/ north jersey) that we are in the process of putting together. As you know your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home kitchen cabinet Installation and some minor kitchen cabinets repairs can make a kitchen and your home look much better and even increase your home value. A kitchen renovation project is usually a process of a few days to a few weeks, starting from planning, measuring, ordering kitchen materials, such as kitchen cabinets, sink and faucet, sometimes kitchen plumbing pipes need to be modified, and if you need to apply for a permit the process may take a little bit longer as the inspection will need to be done of the kitchen remodeling process, but

Construction Job Openings in North Jersey / Bergen County, NJ

We have IMMEDIATE construction job openings in NJ (Bergen County) for construction workers who are qualified, experienced and want to work.  We know how to appreciate hardworking people and know how to accommodate good people accordingly. We are looking for Team Members who are reliable and have experience working in the construction industry. Please CLICK HERE for more informations.