Basement Water Removal in NJ

flooded-basement-cleanup-companyIf your basement is flooded because of rain or a leaking pipe, we specialize in basement cleanup and water removal.

There are a few safety matters that you need to watch for when your basement is flooded and has water damage.

We highly advise you to first disconnect the electricity and the gas (or call us immediately as an emergency and we will walk you through how to do it or we will stop by as soon as possible to help).

Water damage does not go well with electricity and gas and if your electrical panel is located in the basement with no access to shut off the electricity or the main gas meter, you might call the electric or gas company but it might take a long time until they show up, so contact us immediately and we will see how we can help you minimize the water damage to your home and your basement and maintain the safety of your home.

French Drain Contractors NJ can help you install French Drain to prevent water damage in the future.

Basement Water Damage Cleanup

Before removing water from a basement or any cleanup of water damage we must check the structure and utilities, like foundations, in order to verify that something is not cracked or loose.  In some cases, the water in the basement supports the pressure that comes from the water from the street and removing flooded basement water or sewer will cause the walls and foundations to crack or collapse from the water pressure around the house.

 Having worked on many basement cleanups and home water damage we complete the process quickly and cleanly and try to come as soon as possible as timing counts and the water damage progresses and can create further damage to floors, walls, structural elements, electricity and plumbing.

Basement Flooding

flooded-basement-cleanup-new-jerseyIn case the flood comes from rain and the street is still full of water, we might need to use special equipment to get the street water away from your basement or we might need to wait and try to minimize the damage in other ways.  All this is depends on the existing situation of your home and neighborhood around it, and each home and its structure and timing issues has its own processes and unique decision making.

We work with you step by step from removing the water, protecting the structure and devices as much as we can to prevent further water damage to the point where we can leave your basement clean and dry to your satisfaction.

Basement Flooding Cleanup Contractor

We are here for you at any given time to advise you with regard to any water damage to your basement, your home or your business.  When you have water damage in the basement or any area in your home or business its important to act quickly in order to prevent further damage.  In some cases, we provide you with a sump pump to help you first remove the water quickly, and then help you hand in hand in the process of cleaning and restoring your home or business as fast as possible.

If you get a flooded damaged basement, in most cases you need to get your home or business insurance involved, this requires some actions and a process of dealing with the insurance company.  The insurance companies sometimes have a lot of inquiries about the flooded areas and seek to pay the minimum possible for damage.  We have the experience to handle and deal with insurance companies, file and communicate and work together with home or business adjusters to get you the maximum coverage and efficiently restore your home, store or business as soon as possible.