Basement Shower Installation – Bergen County, NJ

If you are considering a basement shower or a full bathroom installation, there are certain limitations that you will need to know in order to get the project done successfully. Planning of the water system, sewer pipes, and space limitations (i.e. ceilings, walls, air ducts, gas pipes) in the basement need to be considered in advance to allow for adequate basement walking space. Distance between items, like the main sewer pipe, water meter, electrical plumbing, and permits within your town, also need to be considered.

Placing a shower or bathroom in your basement usually requires a few weeks of work. It largely depends on the space, permit approval, time, inspector’s schedule, etc. However, at the end of the process, you will have a beautiful bathroom within a living area that can serve you, your family, and if allowed by your local town, you may even rent for recurring income.

When you plan on a basement bathroom/shower, you need to consider the best location in terms of the nearest distance to the sewer connection, hot and cold water connection, heating and baseboards, and air conditioning and air ducts for your air ventilation system. The electrical wiring on your unfinished basement should be fairly easy. You might also need to consider adding a sewer pump to your basement if the sewer pipe level is higher than the basement floor.


In most towns, you will need to submit a permit for building, plumbing, and electrical changes. A fire department review and approval is necessary for commercial facilities. After receiving approval, you will need to shop around and choose materials like ceramic tile flooring options, vanity, toilet bowls, shower cases, windows, and glass doors, and electrical devices like light fixtures, switches. When all the materials are compiled, you will be ready to start remodeling and building the frames, plumbing pipes, sewer connections, etc. Before covering the walls with dry wall, the inspector will need to stop by for inspection. After the approval, you are able to continue and complete the job, including painting, tiling, and then finally, you are required to receive a final approval from the inspector.

If you are considering adding a shower/bathroom within your basement area, we would be happy to swing by to give you an estimate. Our costs are reasonable. We are willing to handle all of the town’s paperwork and inspections from A-Z. Please contact us today. We would be happy to advise you and provide a bathroom in your basement at the lowest cost.