Basement Remodeling in New Jersey


Basement remodeling is one of our specialties and our favorite projects.  Every new basement remodeling project is like building a new floor to a house.  We take your basement remodeling project from A to Z, from the design point to planning and to working on the options within the basement area, to adding new rooms and walking you through the considerations for different ceiling heights, plumbing, electrical and floors.

We have done it so many times and can help you explore new ideas and get you your dream basement design to beautiful completion.

Basement Remodeling for a NJ Home

If you are planning to use your basement as additional living space there are certain things you need to consider and you need to know before you start your basement remodeling/ renovation work.  We are an experienced home remodeling company that can advise you about what to do and how in order to prevent unpleasant feelings or smells or humidity in your basement after the work is completed.

We will inspect your entire home and choose the best options to locate items in terms of best accessibility for furniture you might want to bring to the basement or special equipment like a movie theater, treadmill or other sports equipment.  We will help you plan electrical power lines, water and sewer components for your bathroom in order for you to get the most enjoyable and maximum benefit from your basement living space.

Basement Remodeling Contractor in NJ

basement-remodeling- bergen-njYour basement renovation project is kind of a one time in your life thing to do and you want to plan it carefully, we provide free advice/design and free estimates for all basement remodeling projects.  Be aware that improving your basement will increase the value of your house significantly and we will work specially with you on the basement elements that will give your house the most added value when you plan to sell your house.

Most basement remodeling and renovation projects (but not all) require a building permit and casual visits of the project from the town inspector.  We can help you go through the building permit process for remodeling your basement and make the process go smoothly while saving you the money and the time by getting the basement renovation done in a minimum of time.

Basement Remodeling Company NJ

As part of every basement remodeling or any home renovation project that we do, we provide a full warranty to help you ensure that all components and systems will run properly for a long time, including electrical and plumbing (in some basements we need to install a tank with a sump pump as the sewer line is above ground and you want to make sure that those processes that need to happen regularly will happen for a very long time).  So working with us will get you an experienced home remodeling company that provides you also with a good warranty and will serve you even after your basement remodeling project is completed. We provide free advice and estimates.  Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.