Backflow Preventer Testing Services in NJ

FREE On-Site Backflow Prevention Analysis

We currently offer FREE backflow analysis for new clients: that means that we will come to your facility at no charge, we will inspect the building and tell you how many backflows are needed and what needs to be done at no obligation to you.  We promise you our cost will be reasonable and the test can be done at the same time.

We are Simplifying All Backflow Prevention Testing!

 If you recently received a NJ or NY backflow letter from the town or DEP requiring you to comply with the backflow testing law and you need to implement backflow testing we would be happy to do it for you.  Our fee is reasonable and includes all of the paperwork that is needed to comply with backflow testing and to be submitted to the town.  Please contact us if you have any questions, we would be happy to help and advise.

Backflow Testing Cost – 1 Best Rate Anywhere in NJ

Backflow Testing Cost depends on the type of valve that you have, the size and the number of them that you have in the same facility.   Contact us at: 201-458-0455 and we’ll let you know. We can stop by at no charge and give you a free analysis at no charge. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we will make the approval process quick and on time.

Backflow preventer valve prevents contamination of the public water is located usually within commercial buildings within the plumbing, fire system and irrigation system (a backflow preventer valve is also installed in homes with an irrigation system but does not require testing).  Backflow valves require annual testing by a certified backflow tester. Certified Backflow testers within New Jersey (NJ, New York City (NYC) and Connecticut (CT) and recently certify for backflow testing for the 50 states, some of our national building maintenance companies use us for testing their backflow valves in their commercial clients buildings.

*NJ Backflow Tester Inspection Service Company License #11038

* NY Backflow Tester Inspection Service Company License #9203