Attic Renovation & Improvement in Hackensack NJ

If you are interested in an attic remodeling estimate and want to prepare your budget for an attic renovation cost we are ready to guide and advise you regarding your home attic renovation project as we are highly experienced and have the team and resources to complete your project at a low cost and in a fairly short time frame.

Below are two pictures of one of the attics that we updated recently. This attic is in a home that is almost 100 years old and was used as storage for a lot of junk and we converted it beautifully within a couple of weeks from an ugly old attic to a beautiful master bedroom unit, including a bedroom space with a small living room area, a bathroom with a shower and another area that the homeowner uses as a small office area with his computer. All of this additional space added at least 1200 square feet of usage that also increased the property value by at least 20%.

You need to have the right contractor to complete an attic renovation as there are usually a lot of limitations as far as space, the height of the ceiling, the light, plumbing issues, electrical additions and heating and cooling systems that all need to be modified and considered specifically for the attic’s condition as you need to consider the height of the ceiling, the temperature and humidity in the attic, the light. In this particular case, we added six skylights which created sunlight all day long to the attic all day long and saved electricity during the day.

Attic work usually requires a permit and depending on the work to be done and how far you want to go with remodeling and costs, different permits need to be issued and we are ready to guide you and discuss the necessary steps in order to file a permit and to apply for one until completion and getting the final approval.

If you are planning to convert your attic into another extra unit that you may be able to rent, you might want to check with your local town or with your zoning officer first to see if it is permitted to use it as a separate unit or if it can only be done as adding additional living space to your existing home or apartment.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions and we would be happy to help you complete your attic renovation project successfully.