Apartment Kitchen Renovation – Bergen County, NJ

An apartment kitchen renovation is one of the most important home improvement jobs that can be done in a home. It is not only the place where you may love to spend your time, but it is also the center of the home. A beautiful modern apartment kitchen renovation will also increase the price value.

The secret in apartment kitchen renovation is in the design and planning. Whether you hire an apartment kitchen designer or you do it on your own, you must take the time to look around and seek plenty of apartment kitchen renovations online. Choose a few that you may like and then put together the costs for this once in a lifetime project.

Apartment Kitchen Renovation Style & Cost

After you know what apartment kitchen style you prefer (this could take a while, especially if you are discussing with family…) it’s about time to find the exact materials, which can also be a time consuming process.

Big stores like Home Depot/Loew’s provide very limited kitchen design selections in terms of kitchen cabinets, floors, tiles, counter tops, backsplash, and other kitchen accessories. We suggest that you go online and then see the objects in person as sometimes pictures may be confused for other terms of quality and size.

For small apartment kitchens, material costs are between a few thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. This will largely depend on your taste and where the materials come from or manufacturer.


The following is a link to our resource page that contains recommended designers and manufacturer designers:  https://alldonecompany.com/resources/. We also have a video on kitchen renovations that can help you choose amongst various kitchen designs.

This is only one out of thousands that are available online and some of the manufacturers have local distributors in your area with showrooms where you can see the completion of the product. If you need more advice/help, we can even stop by to give you some samples to choose from. We only recommend products with years of experience, that look good and are durable for many years to come.

Considering Your Apartment Kitchen Space 

In most apartments, kitchens are compact and every little space counts. There are many tricks that we have learned over the years that will help you to make your apartment kitchen more efficient and maximize space so that you are able to squeeze more items into walls, ceilings, and kitchen cabinets. We also recommend that you look for things on the market that can help you expand the current usage of your kitchen space. Please contact us and we will be happy to stop by and give you free advice and an estimate.


Have a wonderful day.