ALL DONE Home Improvement with Live Photo & Video Repair Services to Clients

Renowned home renovation contractor ALL DONE is now utilizing the latest technology to provide better service to their clients. They have just launched an advanced photo and video service that will enable their clients to visually monitor the work and progress from different remote locations.

Fair Lawn, NJ  August 26 2013

ALL DONE an acclaimed home improvement contractor operating throughout NJ have recently made yet another enhancement of their highly popular service. The clients of the company will now be able to visualize the work carried out in their premise by ALL DONE from their office or any other remote location. This is a completely new service facility in this field and is expected to provide a competitive edge to ALL DONE over their competitors.ALL DONE Company is a familiar name in the market with a wide spectrum of home improvement services including but not limited to all types of residential and commercial property maintenance repairing and restoration service.

The new service introduced by ALL DONE is rather unusual for home renovation market in this region. This innovative enhancement will not only allow their clients to monitor the progress of their projects, but they will also receive emails and text messages with notes and updates from the job site. As a result, the clients will be able to be a part of the process in choosing style, material, or color in spite of being far away from their home. The objective of this entire practice is to streamline the overall workflow and minimize mistakes with the help of advanced technology.  No other company in this region is known to use a similar technology to share the progress of their projects with the clients.

The introduction of this technology has already received accolades from the clients of ALL DONE. The company has already started offering this service for the basement finishing, sump pump repair, apartment kitchen renovation, attic fan replacement, and many other home improvement projects undertaken by them. Talking about this new initiative by the company, a senior official from ALL DONE Company said, “ We have always been open to the idea of introducing new technology to improve our service. The unique benefit of this new service is that even the busiest of our clients will now be able to take part in the execution of their projects. We are probably the only company here offering this facility.”

About ALL DONE: ALL DONE home improvement contractor is a comprehensive home remolding  company serving all types of residential and commercial maintenance and repairing needs throughout New Jersey. The company is extremely popular for their top of the line service and affordable price.


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