Adding New Bathroom in Basement in Fair Lawn NJ

Adding or remodeling a bathroom in your basement will probably convert your basement to another living area, we see people using it as an additional space for a relative (especially with the high cost of living today many people are living with relatives and family ) and some people even rent it (the question of whether that’s legal or not aside).  Most of the time when you are adding a new bathroom in the basement you are required to apply for a permit.  If you an architect and a ready to go drawing that makes it an easy start as everything is on paper and ready to go to perform the work.  If you do not want to pay for an architect we can help you to be creative with our new bathroom designs video and put different items in like a shower, vanity, toilet bowl or another bedroom area, put some marks on the floor and walls and get started.  Its never like having an architect or designer do a professional design but its good enough to get a nice basement living area at a lower cost.

You must consider your basement living area in terms of space usage and the systems around, like plumbing, which may require extra work to add plumbing pipes water pipes, sewer pump, sump pump, electrical, data lines (for internet if you plan to have an office in the basement), telephone lines.  The more you plan the faster the job will go and less mistakes you will make as the work progresses.  Starting from cleaning up the existing basement space, installing wiring, plumbing, studs for new walls and ceiling, new wall and ceiling installations, doors, spackle and paint and on until the last item is completed beautifully and there is nothing like the satisfaction of completing a project beautifully  from A to Z and having another happy client.

Basement renovation projects are not “do it yourself” jobs.  Basements are required to have special attention taken to the systems, like sewer drains, pumps, electrical , water walls, french drains, paint etc. which all must be done correctly in order to prevent damage to your basement, water and sewer leaking, and worst of all having to redo the job and paying twice instead of once.  Have a basement over come over and give you an opinion.  We are always available to stop by and advise you at no cost.