A Tiny Water Leak Can Destroy Your House Sometime More Than a Splash of Water

A client called us the other day complaining that the wall in the hallway is wet.  After investigating the problem, we found that a tiny water leak from the bathroom located upstairs went through the entire third, second and first floor through the walls, electrical wiring, switches, outlets, drywall that needs to be repaired and replaced.  The damage to the structure and replacement costs of thousands of dollars (not to mention, the mess, the headache and the time) that was caused by neglecting grout repair that fell apart in the ceramic tiles of the third floor bathroom of the master bedroom unit.  It all started from a tiny water leak between the tiles because the grout was missing and instead of paying around $100 to fix it now there is a whole lot of damage to the house that needs to be repaired.

water-leaking-plumber-paramus-njIt usually happens when a homeowner or business owner is either not paying attention to minor signs on the walls, ceiling and floor or either lack of knowledge or neglect of maintenance of the home or business as the owner thinks its a minor problem and he will “get to it when he has time” which between me and you never happens.

On the other side, we received a call from a nervous client that had water leaking in the living room and he is trying to block the water coming out of the pipes with his hand and the other hand is holding the cell phone trying to get a plumber for this emergency plumbing call right away, which usually even the fastest plumber will still take at least 20 to 30 minutes to get his hands on the problem and stop the leak or start to work on the issue.  In the meantime water will splash all over damaging, ceiling, walls, floor, carpeting and on and on. At that point shutting off the water and emptying all of the faucets of the house is the best advice we can give at that moment of emergency plumbing situation, but remember that 97% of the time there are signs and marks that can lead you to minor leaking before the big water splash and emergency will occur.

Always pay attention to unusual noise within your home like water leaking or water tapping.  Pay attention to any change in color or walls, ceilings or carpeting and keep your plumber, electrician and heating/cooling company like us as friends and keep our number handy for emergencies so that we will be able to help you immediately in an emergency and keep damage to a minimum.

We always recommend to have a plumber or contractor walk through your house once a year just for visual inspection, which might take 10 to 15 minutes to complete but might save you a lot of time and headache and money.   Think about it and have a wonderful day.