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When it comes to drain, sewer, or plumbing problems in the NJ, we have seen it all and can offer fast reliable work at a fair price.

We are known for our affordable quality residential and commercial plumbing service that includes sewer replacement pipe excavation repair or replacement, trenchless underground pipe repair, water line installation or water line repair, broken sewer pipe repair and more.

  • Replace sewer line or any underground piping
  • Repair sewer line or any pipe repair interior or exterior.
  • installation of new sewer line for new construction or connect new line to city sewer services.

We provide sewer repair services to residential houses in NJ as well as larger plumbing projects for commercial properties, including large-scale excavation and trenchless sewer pipe installation.

Tree roots in sewer?

Tree roots can cause severe damage to underground sewer lines.  The hot water that runs through the pipes give off vapors that attract the tree roots to the sewer lines.

The roots will grow towards the water and as they expand they can grow into the sewer pipe at a crack or joint.  They can put a lot of pressure onto the crack or joint breaking the pipe.

Tree roots in the sewer pipe may cause repeated sewer blockages.  An ordinary NJ plumber will be able to clear the blockages but he cannot remove the tree roots with a snake so the blockages will likely continue.

As the tree roots in the sewer pipe continue to grow they can continue to break the sewer pipe and this may result in a total collapse of the pipe. If the sewer line structure collapses the sewer pipe or sewer line may need complete replacement.

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Water Main 

Though water lines can last for over 50 years, water pipes do eventually wear out, often earlier than expected if there is a broken water pipe, tree roots in the water line or advanced pipe corrosion.

We have been repairing water service lines in NJ for many years and can provide comprehensive plumbing solutions with minimal disruption to your daily work or home activities.

When you work with us for your water main repair we will handle the entire process for you quickly and efficiently.

Does your NJ property have older water pipes that may need replacing? Contact us at 201-458-0455 for water main repair or replacement at your NJ home or business.

Broken Underground Pipe

A broken underground pipe can be hard to identify.  Often it only appears as a repeated sewer clog and when you perform a sewer inspection the video will show the broken sewer pipe.  The biggest issue with repairing a broken underground pipe is doing it as efficiently as possible and not tearing apart your property.

If it is outdoor and your landscape is clear it is often the easiest to simply by digging up the broken pipe and replacing it.  If excavating a broken pipe will break up too much of your home or landscape trenchless pipe repair can be used to repair the pipe.

For more information, to have your questions answered or to set up an appointment call us today at 201-458-0455.

Repair – Replacement – Installation – Inspections 

We perform sewer line inspections and water line inspections in New Jersey nearly every day using advanced video camera systems to inspect water and sewer lines.

We can inspect underground sewer and water lines with a long fiber-optic cable with a small camera at the end of it.   The cable is pushed through the entire water or sewer line through an existing access point.

We will review the images on a video screen with you and will provide you with a copy of the video to keep. With this modern tool we are able to see pipe cracks, tree roots in the sewer, bellied pipes and more and can determine exactly what is causing your problem in real time. The inspection provides us with a clear picture of what sewer repairs or water line repairs need to be done and we can fashion the best, most cost-effective solution.

We commit to providing you with:

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  Professional & affordable prices.
  Best solutions at the lowest cost.
  Guarantee on labor & parts.
  We are local, so we can serve you faster.

Talk to us and we will advise you on the best practices to improve, repair or maintain your home or business water, sewer or plumbing quickly and at an affordable cost.

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