Waterproofing Basement Service Company – Bergen County

If your basement requires any waterproofing, we are an experienced company  willing to handle your issues concerning your basement’s internal or external walls. Basement water leakage, moisture, and smell is aggravating, especially if you use your basement as a living area.

Avoid water leaking by installing French Drain before finishing your basement.

We are currently in the process of completing waterproofing within a basement’s internal walls that had constant water leakage. The basement area was impossible to use as the smell and the water would not allow for comfortable living quarters and heavy rains only complicated the issue.

This particular existing basement came not only with the sheet rock on the walls, but also with the wood panels installed over the dry wall. This gave us the first sign that someone could not deal with the water leakage in the basement, but rather had decided to cover the problem, the watermarks, and the moisture on the drywall with the wooden panels.

We suggest the following actions in order to prevent any water leaking within the basement:

  1.  Remove wood panels and dry wall completely. Also remove insulation.
  2.  Clean and fix all cracks and holes within the basement walls.
  3.  Spread 3 coats of waterproof paint on the walls.
  4.  Test french drain by using full open hose within basement.
  5.  Wait for heavy rain or spread a lot of water around the foundation and the house’s perimeters to see if the basement walls remain completely dry.
  6.  If all tests are completed successfully, replace the insulation, plastic sheets over the insulation, and a green water proof dry wall. Plaster then paint.

By the end of the process (which takes about 10 days) the basement walls in most areas were completely dry, lacking smell, and only one corner was partially wet. The only solution for this corner is an external fix, requiring to dig around the foundation and seal the basement walls from the exterior.

If you have any questions about basement waterproofing, NJ basement remodeling, or if you are looking for a basement estimate and price, we would be happy to stop by and provide you a quote. Call us today at (201) 458 – 0455.