Water Leak in the Garage Ceiling Caused by the Jacuzzi Pipe in the Bathroom Upstairs

One of the most unpleasant and dangerous things in a home are water leaking from a pipe.  It starts with a ticking noise and if you catch it in time you can save a lot of headache, damage, money and time as most of the time by doing a quick repair you can prevent a lot of damage to your ceiling, dry walls, sheet rock, floors, electrical and your home goods.

The following are some images that are from an emergency water leak call which happened in the middle of the night and the owner was with enough past experience to know how water can damage a home.

You can see that a leaking plumbing pipe that is only four years old was improperly installed and caused the leak because of a loose connection between the T pipe and the plumbing pipe. A simple leak like that caused damaged to the garage ceiling downstairs, which fell apart, but that’s still minor damage compared to water leaking in a home in a second floor if it is left to run for a few hours.

The pipe was connected to a Jacuzzi bathtub above the garage, access was very difficult but we did it by opening the ceiling on the bottom to locate the pipe pull it out and replace the O ring.

If you hear any ticking noise in your home or business or see a water mark on the floor, walls ceiling, or basement water marks or just the color changes in the walls or ceiling, you should get closer to see if the area is wet, and that is the first sign of leaking and before it gets serious you should contact our 24 hour emergency plumbing repair service company to get it fixed immediately.

The first thing you should do if you suspect you have a leaking pipe is locate the nearest shut off valve in order to stop the water.   If you cannot find the nearest shut off valve for your bathroom for instance, you should try to find the main shut off valve and shut off the water immediately.

If you have a leaking water pipe, contact us we would be happy to give you advice and stop by to help.