Have you ever gotten a representative or salesperson that wants to give you the “limited time” coupon/promotion that is just for someone like “you”. Probably you see it all over as I do. In the contractor business I see it over and over with all types of variations and manipulations that in my opinion, at the end of the day, you pay the same or even a lot more.

You see it a lot in the credit card promotions, just take this credit card for free, just transfer the balance or here is a check for $1000 that you can add to your account right away. But wait a minute, there’s a lot of small print and that small print would make a big difference if you have the patience to read it and the mind to understand the legal language and the tricks that if you take the free item you are actually putting yourself into a slide marketing mechanism that most people will not recognize in the first moment as not really a promotion at all.

the-contractors-couponI see the guys with the sewer cleaning for instance. I see guys with the $75 sewer cleaning and I think how it’s possible to drive several miles to a client, spend the money on gas, with another guy because you need two guys to carry the heavy machinery needed sometimes, spending two or three hours for the average sewer cleaning call and then end up with only $75 for all this. Well, I don’t think its possible. I did not call the contractors to ask how they do it but I don’t believe it. I imagine when they get to the client’s house, they claim that this client’s situation is a bit different and that he or she needs to pay more.


I’m old school, I don’t believe in FREE. If a service is FREE that means that no one is working hard enough to get paid, that means its not worth a lot or it might be worth nothing. That’s the reason its free, it’s not worth much relative to what they will eventually get from you. If someone puts his best effort or time into something it shouldn’t be for free in a business, unless its for charity. When someone offers me a free credit card, or a discount for signing up to something I usually refuse it, not only because I don’t believe in free, but also because I learned that this free stuff will later have certain terms and conditions, that I probably don’t want to be part of or don’t want to deal with and in terms of monthly long terms service, like a credit card, I don’t want to maintain it and monitor it waiting for the bite. If you are in business then you know what I mean when you get all those free credit cards and then when you get your bill you have to call them and wait on the line listening to how sorry they are for the delay and how they value you as a customer, all the nice words without real meaning but then when you have already agreed to something its hard to say that you didn’t understand and you don’t want it anymore. That’s why I have only two credit cards.

During my life I learned that usually those companies that offer free stuff, in general cause more headache and more maintenance than the ones where you pay the full price. Did you ever call air duct cleaning companies? Did you see their coupon that they will come and clean your entire air duct system for only $35 and the show is running again on you and there is no way that they leave your house for only $35 for doing a complete duct cleaning. That was just the bait to catch you into the sales funnel.

Let’s put it this way, a good professional contractor, attorney or doctor, and I am talking about a good one, will charge you a reasonable fee for complete service. The ones that are playing with a coupons in a million different places and the FREE offers are the ones that you need to worry about whether they are providing a real deal or real service.

In our business we provide home repair and home improvement services for homes and businesses with honesty and integrity, no coupons, no FREE, no small print, just real quality work by decent people. All the free stuff we give to charity on an ongoing basis as we believe that part of what G-d and people gave us we must share with the unfortunate and we are happy to do that. Have a wonderful day.