Repair Cement Front Steps in Paramus

Repairing concrete or any cement work is not complicated, if you know what you are doing of course, or have hired the right home improvement contractor. When dealing with concrete or any cement repair there are usually three solutions for broken, cracked or sunken concrete:

1. If you have some cracks, a low cost solution usually is to repair it but that will take some work to open the cracks deep enough that we can fill the cracks with cement deep enough that the cement will become part of the existing concrete strong enough that it won’t fall apart again.

repai cement front steps

Repair Cement Front Steps

  • If you have too many cracks on the same surface, concrete floor, sidewalk, steps or walls, sometimes it i much easier to go over it entirely with another layer of concrete than to fix the cracks individually.

2. If your concrete floor or stairs or walls has a deep crack or is broken, you might want to fix just the broken part up to the part that is still in good condition. You would usually need to cut it with a masonry saw, a straight sharp cut and then cast a new surface or floor, wall or steps, connected to the remaining concrete. Sometimes that connection between the new and old part will crack in the future because they are two separate materials, due to the time and temperature but it is definitely possible and doable and this type of concrete repair will cost you less than replacing the entire piece.

3. If your concrete is broken, falling apart or sunken you will usually need to break out the entire piece of walls, floor or stairs, although in some cases we have saved money for clients in cases where the sidewalk concrete was sunken but as one piece, without any broken parts, we were able to dig under the sidewalk and lift and raise the concrete plate to ground level without breaking it or making a new sidewalk, which saved the owner a few thousand dollars.

So if you don’t know what to do with some concrete repairs that need to be done or new concrete that needs to be cast, for a sidewalk, stairs or walls for your home, business or your basement, let us stop by and give you the best advice as to what we can do at the lowest cost. Contact our front steps repair contractor today!