FREE Annual Test Smoke Alarm Program

ALL DONE offers a FREE annual test of smoke detectors for senior citizens. The goal of our program is to check that smoke alarms are working properly to ensure the health and safety of your home. Statistics show that in all reported fires that occurred in a structure for 2010, twenty-nine percent (29%) had no smoke alarm or the smoke alarm failed to work. The program will run from February 11 through February 22 in Paramus, Hackensack & Fair Lawn.

This is a free service provided by All Done for our local community. Sign up in the following form: 

smoke-alarmHow Many Smoke Detectors Do I Need?

  • Install at least one on every floor including the basement and attic and inside each sleeping area.
  • Ensure that all members of your family can hear the smoke alarm. If someone is hearing impaired, install alarms that flash a strobe light as well as sound an alarm.

Where To Install Alarms

  • Smoke alarms are installed outside each sleeping area, in every bedroom and above stairwells.
  • Mount alarms high on a wall or on top of the ceiling. Position wall-mounted alarms with the top of the alarm 4-12 inches (10-30 centimeter) from the ceiling.
  • Position ceiling-mounted alarms at least 4 inches (10 centimeters) away from the nearest wall.
  • In stairways with no doors at the top or bottom, install alarms anywhere along the path smoke would take as it traveled up the stairs.
  • Dont install a smoke alarm near a window, door, or forced-air register where drafts could interfere with its operation. The moving air can blow smoke away from the alarms sensor.
  • To avoid false alarms, keep smoke alarms at least ten feet from stoves and steamy showers.

Maintenance Tips

  • Test smoke alarms once a month by pushing the test button.
  • Install new batteries at least once a year.
  • Clean smoke alarms using a vacuum cleaner without removing the alarms cover.
  • Replace smoke alarm every 10 years.