Installation of a Drainage System in a Front or Back Yard in NJ

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Installing a drainage system in your front or backyard helps prevent stormwater and surface water from collecting. If standing water in your yard doesn’t disappear after an hour or two, you may not have adequate drainage. If the water collects next to your foundation, you could be at risk for water damage.

French drainage, drains, landscape grading, and other solutions can help you solve problems like poor surface drainage, a high water table, or dense soils, providing a reliable way for excess water to flow away from areas that could otherwise turn into a swamp every time it rains.

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Yard Drainage Solutions for Surface Water

Clay soils, in particular, present unique challenges for lingering surface water. Uneven topography in your yard can also contribute to accumulated surface water. Excess surface water can damage your lawn and landscaping, as well as looking unappealing.

French drain installation can provide a helpful solution for excess surface water in your yard. A french drain consists of a rock- or gravel-lined trench with a perforated pipe. A gradient from course filling material on the outside to finer soil on the outside helps prevent the soil from falling into the trench and clogging the drain pipe. With an average slope of 1 inch per 8 feet, french drains gently redirect groundwater and stormwater out of your yard and away from your foundation.

High Water Table Drainage & Landscaping Solutions

If your yard is so low-lying that you have a very high water table, you can also experience problems with your lawn and landscaping. In highly saturated soils, the roots of plants are starved for oxygen, and will quickly rot away and die. You have two options: work with the water table, or raise the planting areas.

Wetland landscaping is a real option for yards with a high water table in New Jersey. Natural bogs and wetlands contain many plant species that are adapted to swampy conditions. Even trees can be naturally adapted to a wetland. The best bet are native species that live in New Jersey wetlands near your property.

You can also raise planting areas to accommodate a high water table. Raised planters should be high enough to keep the root crown dry, especially for trees and large, woody shrubs.

Using a Dry well

A dry well is an underground structure that serves as a holding tank for stormwater runoff or other excess water in an outdoor area. The water is dissipated into the ground, where it joins with groundwater. Dry wells are passive structures, and water flows into them due to gravity, rather than active pumping.

Modern dry wells are often made with polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer with several advantages over other materials like brick or concrete. Environmentally friendly recycled polypropylene can be used for drywells and other applications, and the dry wells can be installed with minimal site disruption. Their modular structure also provides some design flexibility.

Installing a Drainage System in Your Front or Backyard?

If you need a drainage system installed in your front or backyard, you’ll need to determine what type of drainage would work best. There are many options, from integrated rain gardens and grassy swales, to dry wells or French drains.

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