Double Fix a Jacuzzi in a Bathroom in Moonachie, NJ

 If you have ever hired the wrong home improvement/ remodeling contractor or company you probably know the sour feelings of paying top dollar for repairs or services and still having the problem and having to pay the cost again to fix and put everything back as it should be.

The following pictures show a house with a bathroom that was fixed by some contractor that re-installed the Jacuzzi in the bathroom after a serious flood in the basement.  Unfortunately the contractor did a sloppy job, did not enforce the Jacuzzi well and built solid walls and support and the results were that every time someone used the Jacuzzi the frame around moved a few inches and the ceramic tiles got cracked from the heavy weight.  In this kind of case, of course there is no quick glue solution to the work that needs to be done.  You have to completely remove, the tiles, sheetrock, walls and studs around the Jacuzzi and rebuild everything from scratch and unfortunately the owner will have to pay twice.  This usually happens when people try to save money and hire a cheap or unknowledgeable contractor or in some cases this is the contractor trying to lower the price because he desperately needs the works and as a result he put in poor cheap materials and labor into your home or business.

When you work with those types of contractors you have no one to speak to later, to get advice and definitely not any warranty as the game of that contractor is hit and run and the homeowner unfortunately stays with his problem and has to pay twice. A second contractor will always have a problem to deal with the previous contractor’s sloppy job and some contractors will not even take over the job that someone else damaged.

We thought it was a good idea to mention it as we see things like this from time to time.  From us you will get an honest, accurate answer with complete solutions with consideration for providing low costs without lowering the quality level.


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