Choosing Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovation in NJ

When you’re planning a kitchen renovation in NJ, you may be considering kitchen cabinet replacement. Cabinets are a major focal point of any kitchen, and replacing or even refinishing your cabinets can make a big aesthetic difference in your overall design.

Kitchen cabinet installation can consume up to a third of your budget, but it’s always worthwhile to pay more for quality. At All 1 Kitchen, our contractors are experts at installing kitchen cabinets of all types, from simple Ikea cabinets to high-end custom cabinetry.

Finding your Perfect Cabinets: Tips from Local Contractors

Looking for great new kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen renovation? Here are some helpful tips from our experienced kitchen designers at All 1 Kitchen:

  1. Figure out your budget. Before any kitchen renovation in NJ, you need to determine your overall budget, as well as what you need done. It’s best to divide it up, making appropriate allotments for cabinets, countertops, flooring, and other elements of your kitchen. We recommend that homeowners create an itemized budget. It doesn’t have to be exact or inflexible, but it will help you determine how much you really want to spend on new kitchen cabinets.
  2. Do you like your current layout? Remodeling your kitchen could simply involve replacing the cabinets, or it could involve completely rearranging your kitchen’s entire layout. For any modern kitchen, functionality is a key concern. If you can’t comfortably cook, prepare food, and access cookware and ingredients, even the most beautiful kitchen can be rendered useless. Keeping appliances and fixtures in their current locations will save money, but if your kitchen layout is a hassle, it might be worth moving them.
  3. Figure out whether you need kitchen cabinet replacement. Sometimes, repairing and refinishing your old cabinets can be a viable and cost-effective option. If your cabinets aren’t falling apart or rotting from water damage, kitchen cabinet repair from an experienced carpenter– along with repainting or refinishing– can have them looking better than ever. A simple coat of paint or varnish can make a big visual difference, especially if you’re happy with your current cabinet style.
  4. Take note of “problem spots” that contractors will need to work around. Especially if you’re rearranging your kitchen layout, there may be some things that kitchen cabinet installation contractors will need to work around. Some things, like windows or certain types of housing for HVAC systems, can’t really be moved without considerable expense.
  5. Decide if you want to increase your storage space. Do you have plenty of storage as it is, or does your kitchen always feel cluttered with stuff that you don’t have room for in your cabinets and drawers? Custom cabinets with increased depth or height can add much-needed storage space, as can innovative solutions like cabinets with extra shelving that pops out when you open them. If you have more than enough storage but floor space is limited, cabinets with a slightly shallower depth than standard models can add useful space.
  6. Do you want painted or stained cabinets? Kitchen cabinet installation in NJ may be slightly more costly if you want stained natural wood, rather than painted cabinets. This is because stains demand high quality wood, while painted cabinets can be made from cheap materials like plywood.
  7. What profile do you want your cabinets to create? Traditional cabinets usually have a more variegated appearance, with face frames and door insets that add visual interest. Frameless full overlay cabinets, in contrast, can create a smooth and seamless appearance that complements modern and contemporary kitchen design styles that make use of clean lines and smooth surfaces.

Whether you opt for new kitchen cabinet installation, or decide to repair and reface your existing cabinets, making changes to your cabinetry is a central part of many kitchen renovation plans.

Looking for Kitchen Renovation Contractors?

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