Bathroom remodeling projects are beautiful projects that we love to deal with.  There are so many options of beautiful designs that can be done that we would love to show you our catalog and open your mind to new ideas of bathroom renovations / remodeling.  Choosing us as your bathroom remodeling company will give you peace of mind that you are dealing with an experienced home improvement company working for more than 20 years that will handle your project smoothly and will know how to deal with issues effectively if they were to occur and to get your bathroom completed beautifully at an affordable cost.

Remodeling your bathroom requires a lot of planning and thought and the first thing is the design component such as choosing bathroom wall tiles, floor tiles, faucets, bath or shower fixtures, vanities or sinks, toilet bowls and other devices and accessories that you may like.  We can show you some of our bathroom remodeling design samples or some clients come with their own samples of bathroom designs and we would be happy to complete it according to your dream bathroom plans.

Some of our clients choose to renovate part of the bathroom, in some cases you don’t need to replace the bath or the shower itself and some of the components can stay while we just change the tiles or repair or replace a toilet bowl or vanity to get a nice new and fresh look to your bathroom, especially if the case is that you want to sell your house and remodeling your bathroom is on your list to make it nice and increase your home value and minimize the cost of a bathroom renovation we can work it out for you at your budget and at your schedule and advise you how to maximize bathroom remodeling look while renovating only the necessary things in your bathroom and minimize the cost.

Bathroom remodeling is a kind of remodeling project that you might do only once in life and you want to verify that a company like us can handle your project quickly in order not to interfere with  your daily life as in some cases you still need to have your bathroom and shower for use, especially if you have only one bathroom in your home, and we do our best to minimize the time of disconnected water, shower or bathroom.  In some cases we have found more creative solutions for our clients that live at home and run their businesses from home while the bathroom remodeling is going on.

Bathroom remodeling and renovation work for your home or business sometimes requires a permit from the town, including dealing with the paperwork and inspectors.  In some towns you might need an initial approval for adding an additional toilet bowl or shower, and they sometimes as you to submit a floor plan.  We can help you do that without an additional cost.

A bathroom remodeling schedule should take between a week or two to complete but it really depends on the size of the bathroom, location of the bathroom (if its in the attic or basement), access to sewer and water supply and electrical devices and if its a new building and installation of a bathroom within a new area of the home it might take a longer time and anyway we work with our clients and let them know in advance the schedule and the completion time and in 99% of the cases we have completed any bathroom remodeling projects on time.

After completing your bathroom remodeling we provide you with a warranty that will cover any issues that may occur requiring future bathroom repair or service, so you will get the professionalism, experience and honest craftsmanship of a bathroom remodeling company working for 20 years and the warranty after your bathroom remodeling project is done.  Please feel free to contact us at any time for any help or advice, we would love to discuss your project or meet with you at any time.