Basement Cleanup in Fair Lawn After Flood

Cleaning your basement up after a flood is a very unpleasant situation. We’ve cleaned up a lot of basements after flooding that had a lot of damage, not just to plumbing, electrical and walls, but also to personal and emotional items that were destroyed by the water. The first step is to disconnect gas and electricity, report to your insurance company as they need to get involved, and start to take the water out, although you need to be careful not to take the flood water out of the basement if there is still water on the street that may put pressure on the walls and as a result the basement walls might collapse, which would damage the foundation of your home.

basement-cleanup- after-flood-2

basement-cleanup- after-flood

If your basement is flooded and you need to clean up your flooded basement the following things need to be considered:

  • Remove any valuable items from your basement and home;
  • Look around the house to see if there is any damage to the foundation or call a professional to evaluate the house as the damage might increase within a very short time;
  • Disconnect gas and electricity;
  • If its possible start to empty water into the street;
  • If the street is flooded with water there is nothing you can do, try to block more water from coming into your basement through cracks or windows;
  • Listen carefully to the local news and call your insurance company to come and evaluate the damage;
  • Work with the adjuster closely and show him around, remember that every item that insurance pays for has a depreciation tag so in reality you have to pay some amount from your pocket in order to restore the item with a new item;
  • Call basement cleanup company at (201) 458-0455 to evaluate the damage, we will try to help you clean out the flood water and provide you with the best solution at the lowest cost while working with your insurance agency.