Basement Bathroom Floor Tile Installation

If you are looking to install tile floors in your basement, there are certain things you need to know because unlike a regular floor, basement floors have specific requirements and some issues that you need to be aware of before planning and installing floor tiles.

Basement floors are usually not leveled and considered a wet environment, with humidity, or potential water flooding that can and may ruin a floor. When you are considering a tile installation, you need to make sure that the basement floor is level first. There are special liquid materials that will help to level your basement floor easily. If you basement floor is not intensively un-leveled, a few buckets of the liquid would suffice. The second consideration is the type of tile and the thinset you want to use in order to maximize the strength within the tiles so that they do not fall apart in this wet area. Using the right strength will let your tiles stick to your ground forever, even despite complete flooding.

Floor Tile Grout

Standard tile grout may not endure a decade in a basement environment. There are a few tricks that make the grout stick stronger, longer, and without even repairing the grout. It is especially important when you do it on a new installation for using the right grout and the mix will last for a very long time.

Tile Floor – Vinyl or Carpet?

As we mentioned, basements are considered a wet area and are more likely to get moisture, humidity, and water within that living space. If you built your basement right, you will be minimizing these risks to the basement. There is always a greater chance of getting these back. You need to minimize the risks to floors by working with the right materials as you finish your basement. We highly recommend that you do not go with vinyl tiles or carpet, as they are not as durable as actual tiles. Sure, they may be cheaper to start with, but in the long run you may need to re-install as much as 3 or 4x of this during basement usage. Floor tiles can stay as long as forever. Consider your budget both in the short and long term, the duration of your stay within the property, plus costs. Good luck with your new basement floor tiles. As always we are here to advise you at no costs. Have a wonderful weekend.