Attic Fan Replacement – Bergen County, NJ

A client contacted us the other day complaining about the high temperature in his finished attic. Although the attic was beautifully finished and the a/c system was running well and did not need any repair, the attic temperature was above 80 degrees. The broken HVAC system could not reduce the temperature to a normal room temperature. The first thing that we checked was the temperature of the ceiling because heat rises. The ceiling temperature was higher than normal, so we went on to check the attic.

As you can see in the following photos, there is an attic fan that is located on one side of the house. This fan is supposed to blow the air through the attic and release the hot air outwards. In this particular case, the thermostat was removed from the attic ceiling which caused the fan to stay off, raised the temperature in the attic area, and directly influenced the living area below.

We installed a new thermostat. The fan went on immediately, and the cold air flew through the attic area and reduced the temperature to normalcy. Everyone afterwards was cool and content. Sometimes you do not need an a/c repairing service. You just need to think with common sense and look around. Here we were able to help without causing the homeowner a major expense.