Adding a Sewer Pump in a Basement for a New Bathroom

If you need to add a basement sewer pump it is usually because your sewer line level at home is below rather than above the main sewer line from the street, that means that the water cannot fall into the sewer line from above as it would naturally so you need a pump to push the water from the low point to the sewer line in the street.  That requires the contractor to install a sewer pump in the ground to collect the water from the bathroom, shower or kitchen etc.. to a tank and the pump then will push out the water into the main sewer line.

Putting a sewer pump tank in the ground requires a permit and usually requires a lot of technical experience and knowledge of the local plumbing code in order to satisfy the town inspector.  You have to take careful measurements of where each item, shower, bath, etc. is located.  You need to dig into the concrete at least 14 or more, install plumbing pipes and the sewer tank and do many more technical things to make sure that the sewer pump will last for a long time.

After the sewer and plumbing pipe are installed the sewer pump needs to be connected to electricity and you need to test the system to ensure everything is running well.  Basement is a sensitive place for water and in some towns you also need to have an alarm device next to the sewer sump pump which is a alarm sensor that will make a loud noise if the pump is out of order and there is water on the basement floor so you can be alerted immediately and minimize any damage to the basement and your house.

If you need to have a sewer pump serviced or a sewer pump installed in your basement please feel free to call us, we will be happy to help always with a reasonable price and a smile. Our home improvement contractors are knowledgeable and have years of experience. Have a wonderful day.